Berty’s Stuffing Ketchup wins #ChristmasKidchup

Berty's Stuffing Ketchup

Just a couple of months after Amazon announced #ChristmasKidchup created in partnership with Sauce Shop, a winner has been announced, Seven-year-old Berty with the limited edition Berty’s Stuffing Ketchup currently available to buy on Amazon for £2.99.

Kids across the nation submitted their best ideas for the Christmas sauce and did not disappoint. Runners up included nine-year old Finley’s ‘Rudolph’s Ketchup’, featuring crunchy carrots, hot chillies (to keep Rudolph warm in winter) and juicy tomatoes (to make his nose glow red); nine-year-old Kitty’s ‘Jingly Gingerbread Ketchup’; and seven-year-old Dan’s ‘Reindeer Poop’, featuring a BBQ sauce base with added raisins.

“Here at Sauce Shop we love creating imaginative sauces from natural ingredients, and we are always up for trying something new,” said Pam Digva, Co-Founder of Sauce Shop. “Berty’s Stuffing Ketchup is a great addition to our collection of sauces available on, bringing the delicious flavour of stuffing into a ketchup everyone can enjoy this Christmas.”

“Stuffing is a beloved part of Christmas dinner and I am sure Berty’s creation will take pride of place on family tables up and down the country, We are so pleased to team up with Sauce Shop once again and thank Berty for creating something special for our customers this Christmas.”
– James Bate, Director of Grocery,

Last year Amazon tried to ruin Christmas dinners across the UK with their Brussell Sprout sauce but this year Berty came to the rescue with the much nicer sounding stuffing sauce suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Sauce Shop set about bringing Berty’s Stuffing Ketchup to life by creating a ketchup flavoured with onions, sage and parsley to give the taste of a festive stuffing, with a sprinkling of breadcrumbs for a touch of classic stuffing texture. Congrats Berty!

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