48 Days to the end of Brexit: Things you need to do #4

By Chris Dawson November 13, 2020 - 10:12 am

There’s trouble in Downing Street with spats in the Government regarding Brexit… and that’s with just 48 days to go and apparently we’re back to the troublesome problem of fishing. The EU have been used to fishing in British waters for years and don’t see why the UK taking back Sovereignty should include control of territorial waters. On the other hand the UK, having watched UK fisherman sell their quotas to EU fishing fleets, don’t seem to understand that businesses need long term planning and negotiating a new deal every two years isn’t going to cut it with a French fisherman who doesn’t know if an investment in a new trawler will see it beached in a year or so with no where to fish.

As an online retailer, there are steps you should be taking and these are actions you will need to do regardless of whether there is a long term trade deal with the EU or not and with only 48 days left, time is running out to prepare.

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End of Brexit: Things you need to do #4

Over the next few weeks, in partnership with GFS, we are bringing you some bite sized actions you need to take, each of which will only take a short amount of time to complete. Tip #1 is to get an EORI number. Tip #2 is classify your products using HS Codes. Tip #3 is to make sure your carriers are ready for Brexit. Today we publish our Tip #4 which is to check that your shipping platform is set up to handle customs data.

You will need to provide carriers with complete and accurate data for customs clearance and so itt’s important that your labelling and shipping systems are equipped to capture and provide additional data such as HS codes and commodity descriptions.

This minimises the risk of customer parcels being held up at customs, lost or worse, returned to sender. GFS’ multi-carrier labelling and despatch platform, GFS Selector, is already set up for this, helping you consolidate despatch across multiple countries, carriers and sales channels. If you’re using an alternative platform, make sure that your software solution won’t let you down.

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