Parcel2Go run TV ad to attract new sellers

By Lauren Fruncillo October 8, 2020 - 12:15 pm

This is the perfect time for Parcel2Go to launch a new AD campaign considering eBay have just launched their new Pay As You Grow scheme, welcoming new sellers to the site with no listing fees to help them during COVID-19.

We know there are lots of bigger sellers who read Tamebay but there are also smaller merchants still sending their parcels at the post office despite there being a selection of cheaper and more efficient courier choices out there.

With eBay introducing more sellers to the marketplace with their scheme which promises no fees for any first-time seller registering on eBay UK it’s a great time to let them know that Parcel2Go can offer great prices and solutions from a number of couriers with a TV ad. If you’re a seller who is just starting out it might be helpful to know that Parcel2Go offers a range of collection or drop off options including a paperless courier service for those without a printer.

Smart Send

Parcel2Go also offer Smart Send, their free Ecommerce bulk shipping solution that allows you to automate the shipping of your sold items.This service isnt just limited to eBay though, Smart send integrates with the following:

  • Amazon
  • Big Commerce
  • CSV
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • SquareSpace
  • WooCommerce

  • Dave
    2 weeks ago

    Always bad news for those of us who use them already, the prices invariably go up! Vistaprint used to be great value, since they went to TV and found all the domestic customers who want 1 item etc those of us who buy in 100’s cannot afford to use them now…….so you find a new supplier. Same will happen with Parcel2Go, they will tap in to the domestic market for people who ship once a month etc and charge more. So anyone with a small / medium size concern will have to find a new parcel broker. Shame, but that is progress I guess, but another will come up to replace them for the business customer.

    • ifellow
      2 weeks ago

      I dont think they can push up prices to much, as they have volume discounts that generally come from business customers, and there are alot of choices out there.

      I mostly only use them for Hermes and only because prepay makes accounting far easier. If Hermes had prepaid id just go direct. But so many invoices without prepay is just hassle.

    • 2 weeks ago

      @ Dave
      There are plenty of parcel brokers out there if P2G did put prices up. I suppose it depends on whether you are in an urban, suburban or rural setting, but I can think of a 3 or 4 within 10 miles of where I am. They all have accounts with various national couriers and basically, all they are doing themselves is local pickups, then having the national couriers pick up from them and handle it the rest of the way.

      @ ifellow
      I mainly use DPD, but used to use Hermes through P2G too, if I had parcels going N.Ireland, Isle of Man etc, which DPD are just too expensive for. I think P2G had dropped Hermes temporarily or put the prices up, but whatever the reason, I ended up creating an account with Hermes. I still have to pay upfront per shipment, but for the amount of times it happens, it’s not really that much of a hassle and better than paying DPD £20+ for it when they’re maybe just £3 or £4 on Hermes.

  • victor
    2 weeks ago

    weight and size excess surcharge stops us using parcel2go
    they seem to invent extra charge issues with my hermes especially

    • Jonah
      2 weeks ago

      Yes we are getting ridiculous surcharges through P2G for using UPS. Scandalous really, I keep asking them for evidence only to be told we have to supply photographs etc of weight and dimensions. As if anyone photographs parcels- I have better things to do with my life. You couldn’t make it up.

    • Rob Oakley
      1 week ago

      @Victor, I book direct via Hermes website and they do seem to be coming up with some random charges for things of late. I know are well underweight due to sending them all the time and never have a problem with the other parcels.

      @Jonah I used UPS Today for UPS parcels and get random charges added even thou weighed and measured. They never supply everdiance other than to say it’s the information UPS pass on to them.

      Often wonder with it being a automated process of weighing and measuring parcels on the belts in the hubs, has two parcels gone through at the same time.

    • 1 week ago

      @ Victor, Jonah, Rob

      I suspect it is the occasional issue of multiple parcels going through a conveyor belt/scanner/weighing system, but only one being registered and having it’s weight corrected.

      I had the same problem with DPD last month, where a 90cm x 30cm x 20cm 24kg parcel got bumped up to 33kg freight, meaning they were charging about £20 more. I knew the dimensions and weight were correct and could recreate the parcel from stock to prove it, but, according to DPD customer services, this wasn’t going to be good enough. Their machine does not make mistakes.

      Luckily the parcel had been sent on Friday, invoiced over the weekend, so was still out for delivery when I spotted the extra charge. I was able to get in touch with the customer on the Monday morning and get him to take a photo of the parcel on a set of scales when the DPD driver handed it over and was there to witness. That was good enough evidence for a credit, but I think I’d have been stuffed without it and definitely would have been if there was another layer of customer service involved.

  • victor
    1 week ago

    we wonder if parcel2 go receive special attention from couriers
    as we have no issues with packlink surcharges using the same service and item,

    parcel2gos prepay is not a good idea
    they can dip into your balance, at will ! for any reason they think up

  • Jonah
    1 week ago

    @Gav, the thing is p2g won’t provide any evidence for the additional charges- saying only that we must prove we don’t owe it!! Highly strange and irregular- if I treated my customers like this then I’m sure I would be in hot water.

    • victor
      1 week ago

      we recently had a overweight surcharge stating 2kg for a post able package weighing 300grams
      we had evidence of weight data etc etc
      we dedicated ourselves out of principle to recovering the £3.45 charge
      eventually parcel2go in the interest of customer service blah ! blah!
      they refused to concede they were at fault

    • 1 week ago

      P2G are perhaps between a rock and a hard place, with the customer saying one thing, the carrier another and P2G unable to confirm who is actually correct, having not handled anything.

      Under-declaring weights must be a big problem for the industry, but if the systems for checking are getting it wrong, then they need to be capturing data and providing proof on request. Can’t be hard in this day and age.

    • Rob
      1 week ago

      With the parcel booking company and also the courier being a business, I am only on a consumer contract not a business contract they should be the ones providing the proof that a parcel is overweight or over size.

    • victor
      1 week ago

      if they are going to essentially prosecute without appeal
      some evidence should be shown

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