Amazon introduce augmented reality Halloween boxes

By Lauren Fruncillo October 15, 2020 - 3:36 pm

Amazon are helping their customers keep the Halloween spirits high with special augmented reality Halloween boxes which are free, and supports social distancing.

The Halloween boxes began shipping on the 9th of October and will continue to do so throughout the month. We at Tamebay received our anticipated package today, marker pens at the ready only to find it looking more sad than spooky. Yes, that’s right, it looks like the UK has been forgotten about. We celebrate Halloween in the UK too Amazon!! Just sayin’

Carving your AR Pumpkin:

This was meant to be the part where I explained how to make your own AR pumpkin whilst showing off our own. Amazon were even kind enough to put a printable version up on their website but since the app is region locked to the US we can’t even do that. But if you’re a Tamebay reader in the US here are your instructions and we hope you have fun. Jealous? me? whatever…

  • “Carve” an AR pumpkin by drawing a face on the pumpkin design.
  • Open the camera on your mobile device and point it directly at the QR code printed on the Amazon box or graphic. When you have the Amazon AR Player app on your smartphone, the experience will automatically launch when you scan the box. If your phone doesn’t support scanning QR codes, type “” into your web browser.
    Use the magic of AR to see your pumpkin come to life.

“As Halloween fans young and old seek things to do at home this holiday season, Amazon has created its first shipping box augmented reality experience that is fun, free, and can be launched directly from the comfort of your home. The activity on our Halloween-themed boxes is a great way to reuse boxes before dropping them in the recycling bin, and they underscore our commitment to sustainability with a fun twist that anyone can enjoy.”
– Vas Obeyesekere, Senior Industrial Designer, Amazon

PS: Amazon if you’re reading this, please send me a Halloween box. XOXO Lauren.

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