Yodel recruiting almost 3k new couriers & parcel sorters

By Chris Dawson September 28, 2020 - 6:30 am

With so many businesses closed, running reduced hours or shut permanently, there’s at least some good news with Yodel recruiting 2,950 new colleagues across the country in preparation for what is expected to be the busiest festive period in recent history.

The new roles include a total of 2,500 self-employed and 450 employed opportunities, including couriers and parcel sorters – you’ll see Yodel recruiting across their 50 locations nationwide.

THe massive Yodel recruiting drive is in response to the demand for online retail, which has increased dramatically during 2020. The Covid-19 enforced lockdown stimulated a shift in consumer behaviour as shoppers recognised the benefits of ordering goods online. Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that internet sales made up 32.8% of the total retail sales in the country during May, a record high, and have remained significantly above pre-lockdown levels since.

This trend is expected to continue in the winter months as consumers look to finalise their Christmas shopping as conveniently as possible whilst social distancing restrictions remain in place.

The announcement follows Yodel’s investment plans to create a brand new Northern super-hub to support the business’s long-term growth and keep up with demands for deliveries.

“The ongoing growth in online retail is set to continue into the festive season as consumers flock to buy gifts for friends, family and loved ones. We’re expecting this peak period to be higher in intensity and longer in duration than ever before as people look to prepare for Christmas earlier.

That’s why, as we prepare for a period of sustained demand, we are looking to welcome more than 2,900 new colleagues, bolstering our operations to ensure customers and clients receive the excellent service they deserve.

At Yodel we pride ourselves on our people, and our colleagues all enjoy the team spirit and opportunity to play a part in important community initiatives such delivering food to NHS hospitals.”
– Mike Hancox, CEO, Yodel

If you’re interested in a role at Yodel you can find out more or by texting ‘Deliver’ to 84433.

  • The combination of lockdown and Christmas retail peak really is making online retail operations sit down and think about whether the courier services can cope. The last few years have seen couriers stretched to their maximum and struggling to cope with demand, so it’s good to see couriers preparing in advance and recognising that this year has all the signs of being an exceptional peak.

  • F
    3 weeks ago

    Yes more zero hours self employed (but work to their schedule and hours exploitation work), the future is bright in Little Tory Britain.
    In the place I work they have made some drivers now work up to midnight. There are mutterings however and some drivers have had it with them. Sick of the feed the nation which is just a big cover up for Feed the profits of the Greedy board.
    I drove over my legal hours at the weekend on about 6 hours sleep, just so people could have it brought to their front door.
    There has been walkouts and finally drivers started to stand up to the Corporate Greed in the nice safe Ivory towers and in our specific store canx the midnight hours due to staff having enough of the greed at the top.
    The whole courier industry in the UK is driven on exploitation and god awful working conditions. There is a human cost to E-Commerce.

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