Watch again – Three key Autumn Tamebay Webinars

By Chris Dawson September 28, 2020 - 10:00 am

In the past month, we’ve held three Tamebay webinars focusing on different aspects of your business. All three of these Tamebay webinars are now available to rewatch at your leisure on Tamebay TV:

Tamebay Webinars – Amazon Advertising

Amazon advertising is a hyper-competitive space. Also, Amazon is continuously introducing new features and ad formats. Leveraging these new capabilities to your advantage and staying competitive requires a disciplined execution process. In this Amazon Ads webinar with Intentwise, who worked with numerous advertisers around the world over the past few years, have distilled down the characteristics of successful advertisers to 4 key elements.

  • Targeting the right audience / Shopper intent
  • Efficient bid management
  • Robust performance diagnostics / troubleshooting
  • Disciplined experimentation

Tamebay Webinars – Cracking the SME returns challenge

With Returns rates in some verticals varying up to 50% for the UK to as high as 70% in Germany, it’s not surprising that poorly managed returns can hit a business hard, especially for retailers operating with lower stock levels, tighter margins and unforgiving tough rules for returns from marketplaces. The rising rate and cost of returns continues to put operational costs and margins for SMEs (shipping on average 75+ parcels per day) under pressure – and as online spend continues to soar, so does the problem of returns.

But it doesn’t just end there – consumers now expect the same ease and convenience for returns as well as delivery, wherever they are in the world and they expect the same level of service regardless of the size of your business. In fact, 78% of all consumers look at the returns options and policy at the checkout before making their final purchase decision.

It’s hardly surprising then that solving the returns challenge is a top priority for ecommerce businesses and one of the biggest obstacles for SMEs (shipping on average 75+ parcels per day) to expand internationally.

Bobbie Ttooulis, Executive Director of GFS, and Al Gerrie, Founder and CEO of ZigZag share key industry insights on current and future outlook for returns:

Tamebay Webinars – Amazon FBA changes: What you need to know & International Opportunity

From the 1st of January 2021, Amazon will break the link for FBA between the UK and EU countries, and the UK will be free to establish it’s on Trade Agreements around the world. This will have a significant impact on your business – your strategy for selling on Amazon into Europe will change and it’s likely there will be new Customs and Tariffs for shipping goods into Europe, both in bulk consignments to fulfilment centres and for individual sales to consumers.

There is also the opportunity to target other regions around the world and in this webinar we’ll take a look at marketplaces in North America, New Zealand and Australia where you can grow your business on platforms other than Amazon and DIT can assist you to get started.

The Department for International Trade share updates on the Amazon FBA changes and the International opportunity available from cross border selling.

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