Seller Central is now available in Sweden

By Lauren Fruncillo September 3, 2020 - 3:33 pm

Earlier in August, we announced confirmation of Amazon preparing to launch it’s platform in Sweden. We can now confirm that they have begun making the seventh country option available in EU Seller accounts ready for the launch of Seller Central in Sweden.

“We are pleased to announce that we have started to work to launch the Swedish Store, to delight local customers and give Selling Partners the opportunity to expand their European business even further.”

This also means that Fulfilled by Amazon will be available in the country allowing EU sellers to benefit from the FBA and Pan-European FBA (Pan-EU) programs. The trouble is that it will only be for five months as on the 1st of January 2021 EFN and Pan European FBA stop for UK sellers – the only way to access European sales from FBA will be to send your stock to a warehouse located in any European Amazon warehouse as well as keeping stock in the UK to serve UK customers.

Amazon state that once launches, listings will become available to Swedish customers. Sellers can get themselves prepared for the launch and become one of the first Selling Partners on Sellers should also be aware that if they sell Consumer Electronics they might be subject to the Swedish Chemical Tax that is expected to be effective in Sweden from 1st of October, 2020.

Prepare your listings for

Amazon state that The Build International Listings (BIL) tool in Seller Central will let you list your existing products on in bulk saving you time. To do this you can go to Inventory, then choose Sell Globally. Within BIL, you can select the items you want to synchronise to and define the pricing rules. Your offers will be translated to Swedish automatically. The BIL tool will synchronise your existing listings and prices for all linked Seller Central accounts automatically so Amazon suggests checking your preferred tool settings to avoid any issues it may cause.

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