Order limited edition Carlsberg Liverpool ‘Champions Can’

By Chris Dawson September 16, 2020 - 10:00 am

Liverpool fans had a hell of a good year for a change, winning the premier league for the first time in 30 years. Now, to help them celebrate in a socially distanced world, Liverpool fans can order a crate of limited edition Carlsberg to be delivered to their doorstep.

Huboo has partnered with Carlsberg to fulfil orders of their limited edition ‘Champions Can’ in celebration of Liverpool Football Club’s premier league victory last season. With anticipated high demand for the limited edition beer cans, Huboo saw 6,300 cases, with each pallet containing 1,512 cans, arrive into their warehouse last week ahead of the football season starting on the weekend.

“Carlsberg has been an official partner of Liverpool FC since 1992 and we are now delighted to raise a glass to the Premier League Champions with our limited edition celebratory cans. We have teamed up with Huboo to manage the fulfilment of these cans going direct to Liverpool fans all over the UK, and in time for the start of the new season.”
– Paul Morris, Head of Sponsorship and Brand Activation, Carlsberg

Beer distribution isn’t the normal fare for Bristol based Huboo, who more normally provide multi-channel fulfilment and storage services for over 450 businesses across the UK, Europe and the US, from SMEs to large organisations. However it demonstrates their ability to flex and handle all types of product – including those that require over-18 deliveries.

“Our set-up is completely unique in that we have self-contained ‘micro-hubs’, which replicate the inputs, processes and outputs of a complete warehouse within a few hundred square feet. This approach means we can easily respond to new clients by simply erecting new micro-hubs quickly and easily. Depending on stock volume, we can give a client one, two, three or more micro-hubs so all their products are together, in the same place, managed by the same Hub Manager. Think of it like lego bricks being put together.

This approach gives us enormous flexibility when it comes to responding to new business enquiries and enables us to meet the needs of even the most established brands. We picked, packed and shipped over 150,000 pre-ordered cans ahead of the weekend, in time for when the football season started.”
– Martin Bysh, CEO, Huboo

This latest partnership with Carlsberg comes after Huboo saw 50% month-on-month growth during the pandemic as consumers turned to online shopping and ecommerce boomed. Prior to the lockdown, the fast growth tech business was already experiencing 100% quarter-on-quarter growth, with their customer base quadrupling year-on-year.

  • Susan Williams
    12 months ago

    How can I just get 1 can of carlsburg for me Please , e bay etc too expensive , im so sad I cannot find just one , can you help 😉🤩

    • Al
      12 months ago

      I see Ebay has cans from £7 plus, and they all seem to be empties! Buy a case, enjoy it, and stick your unwanted empties on Ebay.

  • Victor
    12 months ago

    “Liverpool fans had a hell of a good year for a change,”

    Total dribble
    We bet most other clubs would settle for Liverpool success In the past 30 years since their last premier league win

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