New Amazon Account Health Rating feature

By Chris Dawson September 18, 2020 - 10:54 am

There is a brand new Amazon Account Health Rating feature that displays on the Account Health page for professional sellers worldwide. You’ll want to check this out regularly as it helps you monitor your account health based on adherence to Amazon’s selling policies. It also gives you a chance to address policy violations and deal with them before they cause disruption to your business.

Amazon Account Health Rating features

What is the Account Health Rating?

The Account Health Rating (AHR) is a new feature that helps you monitor your account health based on your adherence to Amazon’s selling policies. It takes into account factors such as the number of unresolved policy violations on your account at any given time, the relative severity of those violations, and the extent to which you positively impact the customer experience via your selling activities. This rating does not change Amazon’s existing selling policies and will continue to be refined over time.

To maintain ‘Good’ account health you should address all policy violations in a timely manner. If your AHR is ‘At Risk’ or ‘Critical’, your account may be at risk of deactivation. Some selling policies are not reflected in your rating so it it still important to ensure overall compliance with Amazon terms, policies, and applicable laws to avoid account deactivation, independent of your AHR.

Which violations does the AHR include?

AHR aggregates many policy violations that may result in account-level deactivation if left unaddressed, which you can find listed on your Account Health page.

How do I improve my AHR?

You can improve your rating by addressing the violations listed on your Account Health page by either successfully appealing them or editing your listings to ensure they are compliant with Amazon’s selling policies

NB Listing violations are not removed from the Account Health page if you change the listing’s status (e.g. by closing or deleting the listing from your inventory), but do not successfully resolve the violation itself.

Does a ‘Good’ AHR mean my account won’t be deactivated?

The AHR includes all policy violations that may result in account-level deactivation if left unaddressed.

However, if Amazon find evidence of non-compliance with their contractual terms, local laws, regulations, tax requirements, or any activity that is otherwise illegal, fraudulent, or puts customers at risk, seller accounts are subject to deactivation, independent of the AHR.

Why is my AHR ‘at risk’ if I’ve already addressed violations on my Account Health page?

Once Amazon confirm that violations have been addressed, your AHR will update within 24-48 hours.

If my AHR is ‘at risk’, does that mean my account will be deactivated?

If your AHR says your account is ‘at risk’, Amazon encourage you to address the violations on your Account Health page in a timely manner in order to prevent unnecessary disruption to your selling account.

When will violations be removed from my Account Health page?

Violations are removed from the Account Health page in scenarios such as:

  • You successfully appeal and we confirm that the listing enforcement action was taken in error
  • Rights owner retracts an intellectual property complaint

How do I address policy warnings where there isn’t a next step listed?

In some cases, your Account Health page will show you policy warnings. The best way to address a policy warning is to cease the behaviour described in the warning message.

Policy warnings are removed from your Account Health page after 180 days.

  • Ifellow
    7 months ago

    I cant even be bothered with Amazon anymore, loads of returns not even opened but as faulty for free label, loads of fees, loads of hassle, loads of loops and juggling to do, and loads of Chinese sellers to take all the sales.

    If you dont FBA generally you also dont sell.

    • Ifellow
      7 months ago

      Amazon act like thier poop doesnt stink when Infact it stinks the most

  • It is a shame that Amazon do not provide specific help to the accounts who get deactivated. Their forums are often full of sellers trying to seek help but cannot actually speak to a human who can assist them. I think it is great that Amazon have strict policies and of course they need to rely on automation for policing however every seller should have the opportunity to speak with an account handler (human) who is trained to 1. educate the seller on what they did wrong / (apparently did wrong) and 2. show them how to get their account re-instated.

    Currently it is automated emails, lack of response and overall very unclear on what the actual issue is/was which has caused an account deactivation.

    For a win-win long term relationship there should be more transparency and communication when dealing with account health and deactivation issues.

  • Pete
    7 months ago

    Instead of looking at what we are doing wrong, they really need to take a look at themselves and how they actually treat 3rd party sellers Perhaps they have forgotten that we are actually their customers. Wouldn’t it be great if we were treated with as much care and respect as they treat buyers on the marketplace. Like many other legitimate businesses we have moved focus from amazon to other marketplaces that want our business.

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