Everli partners with Kaufland to expand offerings in Poland

By Lauren Fruncillo September 15, 2020 - 6:21 pm

Italian online marketplace Everli, previously known as Supermercato24 has partnered with Kaufland Poland to help bring efficient online grocery delivery of 4,000 groceries and drugstore items to consumers in 17 cities throughout Poland.

A couple of months ago Supermercato24 became Everli in hopes it would help aid their European expansion by making their brand more representative and relatable to the people who made it all possible, their customers. This partnership with Kaufland will help empower both companies and provide a modern grocery model to meet new consumer demands through Everli’s platform.

“Thanks to the collaboration with Everli, our customers can buy their favorite products without leaving the house. We believe that this solution, which is fast, convenient and secure, will meet with great interest”
– Maja Szewczyk, company spokeswoman, Kaufland Poland

Kaufland have been providing a click-and-collect service for fresh groceries in selected locations throughout Poland since May. The service has allowed customers to pick up goods ordered online, in-store. This new partnership has given Kaufland the opportunity to take the next step and offer more options for consumers. Purchases can now be made via the online site or the Everli mobile application and the customer is able to choose a delivery time showing their support for more convenient and efficient online shopping experiences. The online range includes over 4,000 products, including fresh items such as fruit and vegetables, baked goods, counter items, canned goods, drugstore goods such as cosmetics, diapers and pet food as well as frozen products that are delivered in special thermal bags.

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