eBay launch Men’s Vintage Hub

By Chris Dawson September 22, 2020 - 11:10 am

When we talk fashion, we often actually means women’s fashion but today it’s the turn of the metrosexual man with the launch of eBay’s Men’s Vintage Hub where you can sate your desire for quality used menswear.

For sellers of vintage clothing it will be welcome news to know that eBay are driving buyers to eBay just as new lockdown restrictions are due to kick in. Whilst people may not be going out, even being encouraged to once again work from home where they can, consumers will have more time on their hands once again and a bit of online shopping is likely to be top of the list for many.

Never having been a real clothes horse, I am partial to the odd splash of colour so I’ll be looking with eagerness. Those into snowsports will be familiar with the appeal of the retro look and I’m guilty of carrying that over into daily life and you may have spotted me at conferences in the past sporting some rather colourful pairs of jeans. And I’m not alone, although I may be one of the few to have carried the look over onto the conference circuit.

It’s not just joyous flamboyancy however, new data released today eBay UK has revealed that men’s shopping habits have changed drastically during lockdown, with sustainability also now front of mind for many male shoppers. Research commissioned by eBay earlier this year revealed that 65% of men want to shop more sustainably in 2020, and to support and inspire men on their sustainable mission.

eBay data has also shown that during the months of lockdown, there was a 22% rise in the sales of used menswear (June vs March), and 10 pre-loved male clothing items sold every minute on eBay. From the research in March, eBay found that 1 in 10 men in the UK started this year with a resolution to buy more second-hand clothes, but the latest data has confirmed that lockdown has supercharged this – not often that New Year’s resolutions survive beyond the end of January but this is one trend that has accelerated in lockdown.

The Men’s Vintage Hub has nearly 100,000 listings for used and vintage clothing and features many of the best-loved brands, including: Adidas, FILA, Levi, Nike and YSL. As well as browsing the brands, the hub also allows you to search by decade – making it easy for you to get hold of that 20s jacket or 90s denim you just can’t find anywhere else.

“Lockdown ultimately sped up the transition to a greater sustainability-conscious society, but it is interesting to see the trend growing in particular amongst men. Many men were pledging to be more sustainable at the start of the year, but with less need for workwear, such as suits and ties, they have been using lockdown to help them kick the habit of buying new, and help out both their wallets and the planet. The new Men’s Vintage Hub is the perfect destination for second-hand shoppers, as it houses all the brands you love, at great second-hand prices.”
– Emma Grant, Head of Preloved, eBay

It’s not just men who are becoming more conscious shoppers, the UK has topped the globe for second-hand sales on eBay in 2020, and fashion is leading the way, with more listings of pre-loved fashion than any other category. This is the equivalent in weight of 900 double decker buses of fashion items being saved from going to the landfill this year.

  • ifellow
    1 month ago

    Vintage Hub, lol.

    Why not do a VAT FRAUD CORNER. Its the biggest game in town anyway !

    VAT FRAUD CORNER – A place where authentic Chinese goods are smuggled into the UK and sold without tax to undermine the whole economy.

    Got a good ring to it I think.

  • Victor
    1 month ago

    I need somewhere to let my vicious socks roam

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