What consumers want this Christmas according to Magento

By Lauren Fruncillo September 2, 2020 - 11:32 am

I’m not claiming you’ll be able to pull a Mel Gibson and eavesdrop on consumer conversations after electrocuting yourself however, I can tell you that Magento have revealed what shoppers will be looking for this Christmas season in their newly released guide. Understandably this Christmas will be a little different for most due to the unfortunate events of the Coronavirus, consumers will be warier of browsing for gifts in public indoor settings and many online marketplaces see some of the biggest Christmas statistics yet.

As always merchants will be looking to prepare themselves well, optimize their offerings and get over the hurdles this year has brought but thankfully the global pandemic has revealed some common trends and changes in consumer behavior, with buyers prioritizing health, sustainability, and purpose-driven brands with grocery and home improvement also making a big impact in the digital world.

Preparing for Christmas 2020

What some merchants might find particularly useful is Magento’s “Unwrapping the Gift of Giving” guide which will help you prepare for the 2020 Christmas season.

So what do conumers want? well according to Magento they want the following seven things:

  • Ethical eCommerce
  • Safe shopping
  • Philanthropy and giving back
  • The re-creation of the “in-store” experience
  • Mindful marketing
  • Joyful digital journeys
  • Great mobile eCommerce experiences

The guide itself goes into more detail on each of these points but it truly shows that consumers are looking for normality and experiences that will enable them to enjoy Christmas in the safest way possible. Consumers have always been keen to have efficient services within easy reach but businesses could be feeling even more pressure from consumers who will be expecting the best experiences to help them through the stress of the hustle and bustle of Christmas whilst dealing with the stress of a pandemic. I feel positive experiences from brands who really connect with consumers will be very important this year.

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