5 Recent Amazon Advertising Updates

By Chris Dawson September 7, 2020 - 12:59 pm

Recipe for success with Amazon Ads Webinar - Sreenath K Reddy - Intentwise Amazon Advertising UpdatesSreenath K Reddy is Co-Founder and CEO of Intentwise, a technology platform that is leveraged by hundreds of sellers, brands and agencies worldwide, to manage their Amazon ads efficiently. Today he shares some of the recent Amazon Advertising updates you need to be aware of.

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Recent Amazon Advertising Updates

Amazon advertising is evolving rapidly, with updates to the platform happening regularly. Here is a summary of notable changes in the recent past. Some of these features may still be in beta or not fully rolled out across all markets.

  1. Product Targeting in Sponsored Display campaigns
  2. Sponsored Display is a newer campaign type introduced by Amazon. It gives advertisers the ability to reach specific audiences on and off Amazon. The ability to target products is the latest upgrade.

  3. Sponsored Brand Video (beta) in newer regions
  4. Video ads were the latest upgrade to the Sponsored Brand campaigns. This ad type is now available in beta in additional regions (UK & Germany).

  5. ASIN negative matching in Sponsored Product Auto campaigns
  6. Advertisers running auto campaigns have seen ASINs in their search term report. ASINs appear in search term report when the auto campaign ads show up on those ASINs’ product detail pages. While keywords could be added as negatives, one could not add ASINs as search terms. With the latest change, advertisers can add ASINs as negatives to auto campaigns.

  7. Addition Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) as a new metric
  8. ROAS is a metric that advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook always published. The math goes as follows:

    ROAS = Ad Revenue / Ad Spend

    ROAS is the inverse of ACOS ( Ad Spend / Ad Revenue). While this metric does not provide any new incremental insight, it does simplify the comparison of advertising performance across marketing platforms.

  9. Cross-account change history easily accessible
  10. In the past, change history was only accessible within each campaign. Review changes across the account was a cumbersome process. Advertisers can now view the account-wide change log in one place.

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