50% off Final Value Fees on Promotions

By Chris Dawson September 9, 2020 - 2:00 pm

Released alongside today’s eBay UK Seller Release, this is the announcement that you’ll want to action quickest as it’s time limited. eBay are offering 50% off Final Value Fees on Promotions to for all Above Standard and Top Rated business sellers.

This doesn’t feel like it should be part of the seller release as it’s a short term incentive and announcing it today risks it getting lost in the noise of today’s other news. It’s an incentive that’s designed to change seller behaviour over the long term by encouraging them to trial promotions (which here at Tamebay we’re in favour of). Try the promotions and if they work for you, you’ll get half price fees on qualifying sales.

Valid promotions to get the discount are Multi-buy, Order Discount campaigns or using the Send Offers to Buyers feature. You need to sign up by the 23rd of September and then, once you’ve added new promotions to your listings, you’ll get the final value fees discount until the 9th of October. The discount is capped at £300 (ex VAT) and will apply to newly launched campaigns and new offers sent to buyers only

To access the promotion, you have to manually opt in here.

There are two ways to view this promotion. If you’ve never used promotions before then it’s a great excuse to have a trial run. If you already use eBay promotions then don’t change your behaviour, click the link to opt in, and carry on as usual and as you add promotions to new listings they will qualify. As the maximum refund is £300 (roughly £6k sales) larger sellers will romp through this in no time at all, but three hundred quid is three hundred quid so get clicking that link!

How to get 50% off Final Value Fees on Promotions for four weeks

  1. Activate the promotion to opt-in by the 23rd of September. If you don’t activate the promotion, you won’t be entitled to the discount on Final value fees
  2. Create new campaigns using Multi-buy, Order Discount, add new listings to existing campaigns or use Send Offers to Buyers from today until 9th of October. You’ll benefit from the discount from the day you activate the offer until the 9th of October
  3. Start saving when items using these tools sell between 9th of September and 9th of October
  4. See your savings returned to you as a credit within 60 days from the end of the promotional period which finishes at 11:59 pm on the 9th of October

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