Twitch Prime transforms into Prime Gaming

By Lauren Fruncillo August 12, 2020 - 10:40 am

Amazon have been busy transforming Twitch Prime into Prime Gaming, a service they describe as everything you loved about Twitch Prime, and more.

I wonder what caused Amazon to disassociate their service name from Twitch and add even more exclusives for prime members… could it have anything to do with losing some of their most valuable streamers and watching them restart life on their competitor YouTube? Is it possible that Amazon are rethinking their Twitch strategies whilst giving themselves a safety net of sorts? We can’t say for sure but what we can say is that Prime Gaming will offer Amazon Prime members more free valuable in-game content as well as a rotating collection of free PC games every month!

“TL; DR: new name, same Prime subs, lots more awesome in-game content ahead (plus free games every month!), and even happier gamers, publishers, and Twitch streamers.”

Unlicensed music on twitch

Since lockdown, Twitch has been successfully gaining new groups of talent which include music artists who have been able to continue supporting themselves through music live streams. Unfortunately for Jeff Bezos reports state that this has also caused a stir in the community of leading music rights holders and artists who feel he is showing “wilful blindness” to streamers using unlicensed songs on the platform.

In an open letter Bezos has been asked to take action on stopping the use of unlicensed music on the platform and ensuring that where music is used, relevant artists are paid fairly for it’s use on Twitch.

“As Twitch uses music to grow its audience and shape its brand, the company owes creators more than the willful blindness and vague platitudes you offered during your Congressional testimony. For working songwriters and performers, fair royalties on a growing platform like Twitch can literally be a matter of life and death — the difference between having a place to live and homelessness and having access to health care or being uninsured. For other it’s the difference between being able to work as an artist or having to give up a lifetime of dreams.”
– ARA, Letter to Jeff Bezos

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