Online shopping spend increases as lockdown eases

By Chris Dawson August 12, 2020 - 11:15 am

A study released today by Royal Mail shows that consumers shopped more frequently in June 2020 and online shopping spend increased slightly compared to the previous month. Royal Mail’s Delivery Matters COVID-19 survey reported that on average, online shoppers spent £226 on purchasing goods in June 2020, compared to £213 in May. This compares to an average online shopping spend of £226 over a three-month period in 2019.

Women were more likely to have shopped online more frequently than men. Those aged over 35 years old had a significantly higher monthly spend in June than those aged 18-34 years old – £247 vs. £163.

Consumer spend changes as lockdown eases

Priorities have shifted as lockdown measures ease. Shoppers are still purchasing DIY equipment and gardening products but demand here is starting to return to normal levels, whilst spend on clothing and footwear, makeup and food and drink continues to grow. For food and drink, 44% bought online in June 2020 compared to 28% over a three-month period in 2019*.

With 33% of those surveyed seeing a decrease in their income, free delivery is seen as a top priority. Being kept informed on delivery progress is also important.

The Delivery Matters COVID-19 survey reveals that Royal Mail continues to lead the market in terms of awareness and preference. Posties are considered the most trustworthy delivery carriers. 76% of online shoppers trust Royal Mail to deliver more than anyone else. In uncertain times a familiar, reliable service matters.

Increasing Royal Mail parcel capacity

To help cope with the significant increase in demand, Royal Mail has recently signed a deal with Beumer Group to design and build the automated parcel sorting system for its new fully automated North West parcel hub in Warrington. Analysts predict that even as lockdown lifts online sales will continue to account for a significant proportion of sales. The Warrington parcel hub is ideally-situated for the warehousing and fulfilment centres of major online retailers to support the growing demand for next day delivery and the delivery of larger items.

“COVID-19 and lockdown have driven major changes in consumer habits, including the way we shop. As lockdown begins to ease our research shows that online spend is still increasing but the mix of items bought continues to change as we all adjust to the new normal. Online ordering and home delivery of clothing, makeup, food and drink look set to stay as the one off or more occasional DIY and gardening purchases move back towards normal levels. As people continue to shop more online, at Royal Mail we continue to deliver the trusted and quality service they expect. Royal Mail has played a key role in keeping the UK economy going during the COVID-19 crisis. The research highlights that our postmen and postwomen are trusted to deliver more than anyone else, especially in these challenging times.”
– Nick Landon, Chief Commercial Officer, Royal Mail

  • Jeff posty
    5 months ago

    As I’ve repeatedly said in past comments and seeing the news tonight shops and commercial shopping in stores will cease to exist this is not a new norm this IS THE NORM royal mail without investing in more transport infrastructure ie 1 MAN 1 VAN give the guys who don’t drive local trolley walks we will be overwhelmed when the christmas rush begins about middle of September postmen and women at the moment are using their own transport for van shares so we’re not sitting in same van no petrol refund may i add corona is here to stay for foreseeable future as a conscientious postman who’s been on the same round for over 20 years (yes they don’t call me posty they call me jeff) im disgusted at the working of the upper management money money money our office manager has been brilliant but his hands are tied with red tape sorry about YOUR parcels Julie but our office is clear and complaints are virtually non existent “keep cutting the pursestrings upper managers” great for share prices of which me as a postman are one s__t for future of business then again you’ll just p__s off and c__k up another business aka adam crozier 😠😠😠

    • Alan Paterson
      5 months ago

      @ Jeff ……. calm down. You seemed to be getting so passionate about what you were trying to say the post got a bit garbled towards the end. Who’s Julie?

    • Alan Paterson
      5 months ago

      @ Jeff, admittedly there were a lot of items that went missing over the worse pandemic months. I also had many many incidents where I saw the packet (or large letter) taking over a week to arrive. Postman have came on here before singing their office praises and telling us that they were up-to date. However, that was a bit short sighted because that was only their particular office. sellers tend to see the performance of the entire country and not the often blinked perspective of a postman observing his own office.

      As sellers are testifying below the delivery success by Royal Mail was not good over the last few months. Now I respect that there was an unprecedented situation happening – BUT the problem was that Royal Mail did not inform the platforms (ebay and Amazon) how bad it was. had their delivery metrics were then ebay (maybe not Amazon) would have extended their protection. frustrating. In short Royal Mail painted a far more positive picture than what was actually happening.

      You may not get everyone on here sympathising with the conditions you complain of. In past years posties have used MY business as leverage to try and improve their working conditions by threatening strikes. It has caused massive uncertainty and hardships to sellers in the past because you guys were not happy. I remember the strikes of the 70s and how it helped destroy British Industry so I am one of the sellers that will give limited sympathy. I despise that strategy.

      I get that Royal Mails work is increasing and you guys are asked to work harder and harder. I get that. I also remember not many years ago plenty of Royal Mail staff going to sleep for half their shift because they had it so easy. Times are changing and I do symathise with that.

      Hermes dropped the ball during the pandemic so – despite what I have said – Royal Mail would still be my first go to over the others.

  • Jeff the posty
    5 months ago

    Sorry alan she was on another tamebay archive moaning about not getting her packets come and have a go if you think you can cope obviously not got a manager like ours who prioritise and keeps the office running efficiently as is the case in a few offices from what i hear usually because the manager treats the workforce like s__t a happy workforce is a productive workforce

  • NorthCrystal
    5 months ago

    I conducted my own research and Royal Mail Tracked services were delivered late or never… since the lockdown started.

    12 working days for RM48 Tracked is a bit of a joke, is it not? It’s not a single case as well. I like RM but they need to change (modernise, respect the business customer, etc).

    I recently used Hermes (not a fan) for the next day delivery and it was cheaper than RM48 Tracked. NEXT DAY and not 12 days……

    We have recently moved so our RM collection needs to be from new address. I filled the online form and after *8 working days* some office-based lunatic is sending me email asking for new and old address and daily volume. That’s 3 days ago and heard nothing since. This company is a joke. Most of the things work the way the 90’s worked, slow, paperwork meddling, lazy, gossips, slow.

    • ifellow
      5 months ago


      Hermes is cheaper up to 1kg small parcels than Royal Mail 48 via p2go for parcels, i believe not only tracked. Its over 1Kg Royal Mail benefits seem to kick in. We have had similar delivery times you mention but seems to have cleared now.

  • Jonah
    5 months ago

    We don’t use royal snail or royal fail.
    Enough said

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