New eBay Great Price Badge may appear on your listings

By Chris Dawson August 25, 2020 - 11:55 am

eBay Great Price is a new badge on the search results page, intended to help trusted sellers with competitive pricing by highlighting their listings and attract more buyers.

Before you ask… no you can’t buy the eBay Great Price Badge, it’s bestowed upon you for free if you have a great offer on a great product.The Great Price badge may appear on products that are in high demand – based on sales history, impressions, and engagement.

“We’ve seen an increase in buyer engagement with Great Price items that could help boost sellers’ sales chances. To become part of this programme, we recommend that you provide item specifics and product identifiers on your items. You should also consider competitive pricing and continue to offer buyers a great service.”
– eBay

The appearance or placement of Great Price badge on listings will depend on a variety of factors, including

  • Listings from sellers that meet Above Standard or Top-rated Seller status.
  • Listings with “New” condition, and are matched to a unique product using product identifiers.
  • Competitively priced across similar listings on eBay.
  • Item’s price and shipping cost, listing format, terms of service, history, and relevance to the search term used.
  • Buyer’s search terms, and the site they are browsing.

Great Price is not a paid feature and the placement of listings in search results remains subject to Best Match factors. eBay say that Promoted Listings remains a separate programme. However we have already spotted that the eBay Great Price badge can appear on Promoted Listings as well as those in Organic search – your listing will only appear once in search, either as promoted or organic so it would be counter-productive to exclude promoted from being awarded this badge.

As a new program eBay may still be tinkering and optimising – We searched for the example they highlighted for a kids drinking bottle and found the top organic search result with an eBay Great Price of £5.75. Immediately above it was a Promoted search result for the same product, also carrying the eBay Great Price badge, at not such a great price of £8.95, 55.65% more expensive.

  • 2 months ago

    Unsurprisingly, some merchants have reportedly already figured-out how to game the system by ‘appropriating’ another merchant’s item-specific content in order to match an eBay catalog item thus ‘winning’ a “GREAT PRICE” badge on their own listing.

  • Sarah
    2 months ago

    So if you have one off items are you automatically the cheapest?

  • eaby
    2 months ago

    eBay also restrict accounts that lower the price too much as they use that to determine if an item is fake!

    You cannot win with eBay

  • Mark
    2 months ago

    another ebay race to the bottom.

    i can just see it now.

    great price but crap product.

  • 2 months ago

    Agree with you Mark, they should be highlighting product quality not just great pricing. This could work well with genuine branded products, if they matched the brand and model with the pricing levels this would maintain the quality level so genuine quality products were on a level playing field. Although there is still the issue of fake products under genuine brands. Raises the question whether algorithms are really intelligent enough to make human decisions!

  • Jon
    2 months ago

    When I searched ebay for “marmite 600g” (don’t judge me) it came up with 7 results and the Great Price tag was showing on the one that was the most expensive!

    • Jonah
      2 months ago

      Absolutely Jon, just search for “dustpan and brush”. The second item returned on our search was the most expensive- twice that of the nearest listing for the same item. It’s a joke, but let’s not be surprised- if is ebay after all.
      So off to Amazon we went- and you can guess which site we made our purchases from.

  • andy
    2 months ago

    Looks like the outages on Ebay over the last couple of days have been due to them changing the font on some of their pages.


    • NorthCrystal
      2 months ago

      yes!! haha
      I was trying to access the dashboard last night it was throwing 500 errors like Mr Spaffel his lies. Logged in this morning to see new font and buttons aligned on listings’ detail page. Wow. Such font much progress.

    • 2 months ago

      They’re terrible at the moment.

      One belter of an error I’ve noticed (OK, it was after someone else mentioned it to me), is how they’re handling your listings that are active, but out of stock. They’re telling anyone that finds such a listing page “The seller is away and not processing orders” Ebay can’t handle the concept of an item having no stock available right now, so has defaulted to using holiday settings mode warnings.

      While you don’t find out of stock listings if you’re searching ebay for items that are for sale, you can by other means, including externally. So, you might have someone searching on google, finding your listing, clicking through to ebay, seeing it’s out of stock, but being put off making further enquiries (eg. when will they be back in stock?) thanks to bad advice from ebay.

    • NorthCrystal
      2 months ago


      I took Tue off so we had “holiday on” at our eBay shop, and I kept wondering while it’s still showing “seller is away” on out of stock listings. Thanks for bringing this up ! What a shambles – but yeah new font…

  • Rob
    2 months ago

    Can’t fault ebay at the moment as just had two of my best days of sales I have ever had on there. Maybe it’s something to do with being on ebay managed payments and buyers have more options to pay! And not had any problems with managed payments on either of my accounts.

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