Madjackoutdoor marketplace for outdoor gear launches in U.S.

By Lauren Fruncillo August 5, 2020 - 10:47 am

According to reports a new marketplace, Madjackoutdoor which specializes in outdoor gear has launched in the U.S. led by Kristin Mehiel; Co-Founder of Mad Jack Snowsports, and husband and wife team Ricardo and Michele Collison; Ricardo being an ex-eBay head of global advertising operations.

The minds behind the marketplace are no strangers to ecommerce or being outside. Ricardo and Michele already own two marketplaces, Mehiel is the Co-Founder of Mad Jack Snowsports and they all love skiing, camping, hiking, and surfing.

New and old brands welcome!

Madjackoutdoor’s model is great for sellers as it gives new brands with no market experience the chance to join and get in front of customers whilst also working with veteran brands and outdoor retailers to provide a wide range of products to consumers. The way the marketplace works is great for new businesses because they are not being hidden under the status of larger brands but instead housed alongside them.

“We source gear from new companies and entrepreneurs who are pushing the innovation envelope in the outdoor industry. In tandem we work with proven brands, the outdoor industry veterans if you will, to hand select the best of the best of gear. The final piece of the puzzle is we partner with independent outdoor retailers nationwide to bring their end of season, overstock and last year’s models to our discount online outlet.”

With more people taking to the great outdoors for some fresh air and more outdoor spaces opening up, it’s a great time for a marketplace selling outdoor gear to thrive.

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