eBay and external Item Specifics tools for managing your listings

By Chris Dawson August 3, 2020 - 10:33 am

eBay are launching new features and tools to help you optimise listings and comply with item specifics requirements and have published a reminder of new and existing Item Specifics tools.

As a reminder, Item specifics requirements in Electronics, Home & Garden, Watches, Business & Industrial and Sporting Goods categories will be mandated in September and you will need to update your listings in these categories before the deadline. Failure to update means you’ll be blocked from listing, revising or relisting until your Item Specifics are in order.

“Making sure your listings have complete item specifics, both required and recommended, is essential for being found on both eBay and external search engines. That’s because the more data you give us about what you’re selling, the better we can match your item to what a buyer is looking for.”
– eBay

External eBay Item Specifics tools

Optiseller Aspect Finder+

You can currently use Optiseller free of charge, funded by eBay, to identify missing and required item specifics, find recommended values, and easily update your listings. eBay will continue to fund Optiseller until the 31st of December 2020.

eBay Item Specifics tools

“Required soon” feature.

This feature is available now within the listing flow when you revise or list an item with item specifics that will soon be required. Seller Hub will soon give you information about upcoming item specifics requirements and the dates that will become mandatory for your current listings.

Item specifics rankings

This feature is currently available within each item specifics section of “Recommended” and “Additional” and gives you information on what the most important item specifics your buyers are searching for, using buyer demand data (the number of searches over the past 30 days).

Bulk edit

You will also be able to quickly update item specifics using a bulk flow in Seller Hub Active Listings. You can select the listings you’d like to update and go through them quickly to choose your item specifics.

This feature is now available on the Seller Hub Active Listings page and will provide you the option to download an Excel file containing all active listings that are missing required, soon-to-be required, or recommended item specifics. With this file, item specifics can be updated and then uploaded back to eBay, using the Seller Hub Listings tab.

  • 6 months ago

    Bulk edit?

    On Ebay?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Now that’s funny.

    Got any more good jokes?

  • NorthCrystal
    6 months ago

    Knock knock

    Who’s there?


    Bulk who?

    Bulk your items to promote the hidden listings

  • Jonah
    6 months ago

    “…… Bulk Edit”.
    What ebay finally getting into the 21st Century? I wonder if it will work……. answers on a postcard

  • Kenn
    6 months ago

    I started using this tool to monitor and update item specifics across 20k listings across 3 stores. Very handy. And less fiddley than Optiseller.

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