Coach and support business sellers to earn with eBay & Limitless

By Chris Dawson August 5, 2020 - 9:14 pm

Are you an eBay expert seller with year’s of experience? Have you been on the eBay forums helping support business sellers for years for free? Well in the future why not turn your expertise into another revenue stream? eBay are recruiting some of their top-ranked sellers to support the growing number of business sellers on their platform by providing seller experience support and helping to improve their performance.

Coach and support business sellers

Using technology from gig customer service platform Limitless, as an eBay expert seller you’ll be providing real-time advice and feedback to other sellers navigating the platform through live chat services.

The pilot phase

Already in its pilot phase, the current team of experts are successfully resolving over 500 enquiries per day and responding to seller enquiries within a few minutes.

eBay started recruiting experts to join the pilot in May, at the height of lockdown when thousands of new businesses were joining the platform. As it continues to be critically important to help sellers navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, Limitless not only offers a brilliant customer experience solution, designed to assist sellers during the listing flow on eBay, but also a lucrative income opportunity for the experts hired.

Qualification to become an expert seller

As a potential expert, you’ll need to pass a series of quizzes and training to demonstrate your eBay knowledge. If successful, you can begin to answer customer queries to coach and support business sellers new to eBay from your home, getting paid for each case you resolve. In just a week, Limitless estimates that you could earn enough extra money to pay for a car service and MOT for the year; in six weeks, enough extra money to cover the cost of an average annual household energy bill.

As well as addressing technical concerns, the team of expert sellers are on hand to coach new business sellers on best practice, helping them make the most of the platform.

“I’m incredibly excited about what this partnership means for the sellers on our platform. Our sellers want to speak to like-minded individuals that can advise them in real-time, based on their own nuanced and experienced understanding of our platform, and it’s great that we’re now facilitating those conversations.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity for our experts to earn an additional income, being paid for their extensive knowledge and understanding of eBay.”
– Rob Hattrell, VP, eBay UK

“eBay is joining a growing list of companies who are realising that some of their best customer service comes from customers themselves. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship; customers trust brand experts who use that brand extensively themselves, and our ‘Experts’ can turn their knowledge and experience into some extra income while taking eBay’s customer experience to a whole new level.”
– Roger Beadle, CEO, Limitless

“In helping other Sellers with their queries, I find that I am constantly learning and improving my skills, too. The financial benefits are real, but the best thing is receiving genuine thanks from the people that you provide support to. Every question is different, which keeps you on your toes. Just when you think you know all there is to know, a question will pop up that you have to do a bit more research into. It keeps things interesting!”
– Deborah King, expert seller

Register your interest in becoming an expert seller

This programme is currently in its pilot phase. If you’re a top-rated eBay seller, and interested in becoming an expert in the future, you can register your interest here.

  • Victor
    6 months ago

    Cant be that expert if you Run a car that needs an MOT

    • 6 months ago

      I run two cars both old enough to require an MOT. Guess you totally look down on me as an utter failure as I don’t buy a new car every year!

  • Victor
    6 months ago

    Dont look down on anyone, my point is if you have time or the need to be an expert, for ebay .you cant be that expert. . We can make an awful lot more than a service or mot building our own business
    We have sold on ebay for many years were still Learning , New things
    Thats why we use this site

  • Victor
    6 months ago

    Its Customer service on the cheap
    Employ someone like yourself chris
    Who knows their onions
    full time
    give them a proper wage

  • Victor
    6 months ago

    Even then if we were starting a tamebay style site
    Would you hold our hand give us access to your best advertisers
    Your best trade contacts , your cheapest suppliers
    For the price of an mot?

    • Alan Paterson
      6 months ago

      @ Victor ………… looks like you share the vanity of another well known Victor who created a monster.

      You have completely missed the point. I know it was not your intention to upset anyone but when i read your post it made my blood boil. You have a very myopic point of view.


      If everyone thinks like you – the ebay “community spirit” really is dead.

  • 6 months ago

    Sounds like they want a load of bitter, tired, skint eBay sellers who are constantly paying more and more to eBay in fees to help others do the same.
    That should work, where do I sign up.

    • ifellow
      6 months ago

      Magento is owned by eBay so id also say away from it. The development costs and maintenance costs are really high compared to woocommerce.

  • 6 months ago

    This does sound worryingly like Ebay trying to do CS on the cheap.

    Is this part of more cost cutting?

    Also, with my 20 years’ experience of Ebay, most seller problems derive from either:

    A) Technical problems on Ebay’s site
    B) Repercussions from ill-thought out Ebay policies
    C) Inexplicable variations in sales making it difficult to plan an effective sales program on the site

    • 6 months ago

      with you 100%.
      How would you say to new sellers that it’s a VERY hard platform to make a living on ?

    • ifellow
      6 months ago

      The point of FBA EFN was goods moved at 0 costs to the sellers where demand may be required.

      eBay GSP is simply shipping via courier Royal Mail to the EU.

      They are completely different things, if Amazons going to Charge me to send an item to Germany, the courier fee plus a fee ontop for arranging it (Ebay GSP) then i might as well just send it myself.

    • Alan Paterson
      6 months ago

      @ Andy and Noel, I think you might be missing the point. I have given advice to many ebay businesses. You need to make a plan and build your ebay business despite the problems that you have mentioned.

      Technical problems happen on any e-commerce site – at least us sellers dont have the responsibility of fixing them. I have had my own web site and spent thousands fixing technical issues. i think you are looking at the hole here and not the doughnut.

      As for “ill thought out ebay policies”. Although there are indeed ill-thought out policies (im looking at you service metrics) i find that the majority of sellers complaints are a lack of understanding of the problem that the policy is attempting to address. Many of ebay policies are to comply with the law. You might think its “ill thought out” but ebay are only complying with the law – which varies from country to country – not an easy task.

      As for your point of “inexplicable variations in sales” there is ALWAYS an explanation for your sales increasing (or decreasing). You simply havent identified it. Dont blame ebay. One of the goals of the best match algorithm is to “spread” sales more evenly between sellers so no one seller has a monopoly on a particular category. i think Cassini does that rather well.

      These are not the issues that a good mentor would be concentrating on to help build an ebay business (maybe with the exception of identifying variations in sales).

      From my experience sellers (and sometimes ebay themselves) miss the fundamentals required to build a successful ebay business.

      If you think that CS is in any way similar to giving advice on building an ebay buisness then you are a bit off track.

      @ Andy, obviously the “bitter” ebayers – many who you find on here – will not be suitable for this programme. The bitterness against ebay has spread like a cancer through the “community” – i dont think there really is a proper ‘community” any more. We dont want it spreading to the new ebayers coming onto the platform. that attitude doesnt help anyone.

      Andy did you read Victor above?! Apparently if you have a car needing an MOT or not much money in the bank (i think is his point) you should not be helping other because you cant be an expert? eh? Ridiculous logic.

  • ifellow
    6 months ago

    The ‘profits’ and volumes from selling on eBay are so bad, they are offering this ?

    Pretty much makes sense !

  • 6 months ago

    @Alan Patterson. I do like your comments but you are swimming against the tide trying to defend EBay.
    Ebay have allowed the site to be swamped with Chinese crap sellers and in turn it has attracted a lot of bad buyers….cheep charlies and pushed away many good buyers.
    How can this issue be blamed against any law. Pure short term greed from Ebay all for a quick dollar

    • Alan Paterson
      6 months ago

      @ Derek, i generally find it is relatively easy to beat the Chinese sellers on the search standing. Fortunately the algorithm isnt always about price and i find it at least realistic to compete for visibility – conversion is then very much about the listing itself.

      I do take your point though. At the risk of sounding eternally positive about ebay I do believe this is a problem that they are addressing and something that will improve over time.

  • Fluffy
    6 months ago

    what bothers me is the patronising tone – as an adult I understand the concept of currency being exchanged for goods and services… I’ve never had someone brief me on remuneration by saying,”we’ll pay you enough to buy 500 potatoes a week.”

    Why not just say “we pay £x for each query you resolve, and on average they take about 10 minutes”?

    Another worry is the skill levels required – I’m going to apply just to see how knowledgeable these experts have to be!

  • 6 months ago

    @Alan Patterson.

    Mr Doughnut! We meet again. How the devil are you?

    Naturally, all businesses have to plan and build.

    My point was that Ebay should be helping them do that, not hindering them, as has been the case during the Vain Egg era. It’s to early to say what the new era will bring, but hard evidence of change will be needed to persuade many sellers that Ebay will improve.

    The Damaged Payments fiasco is not helping sellers either. Yes, sellers don’t have the responsibility to fix site errors, but neither does Ebay think it has the responsibility to do so, either. Which is why so many sellers complain. They’re paying for the site, after all !!!

    I can accept your point about the reasons behind policy changes, but that doesn’t excuse how clumsily they are often implemented. Decent management should be able to foresee many of the problems these cause, but they don’t.

    The variation in sales is a valid point. Naturally, there are fluctuations, but every long term seller knows when things simply stop dead inexplicably. I’ve never experienced that on any other platform I’ve used.

    Yes, technical problems can occur on any site, but name another one which has had the same issues go unfixed for a decade or more?

    Please don’t characterise those who criticise Ebay for failing to fix their issues as “bitter”.

    That’s unfair.

    If Ebay listened more to sellers, they would not have so many of these problems in the first place.

    I also seem to recall how badly your business was hit by the service metrics and sympathised with that.

    • Alan Paterson
      6 months ago

      @ andy, how are you too? I am well but have been “under the weather’ (perhaps too many doughnuts).

      I do enjoy reading your posts but we do seem to be at opposite ends of a spectrum of opinions.

      Ebay DO fix the problems / glitches with the platform. it is incredibly complex having online platform geared to many different devices, operating system , counties etc. occasionally there is a glitch but generally ebay are quick to fix and it RARELY effects profitability or sales.

      Perhaps I was unfair with the use of the word “bitter” in reference to this but you have to agree – the generally bitterness towards the platform is getting worse.

      EXAMPLE: Some of my friends have switched to ebay managed payments this week – seamlessly and without any glitches or problems. All automatic. Awesome! yet when you go to youtube (for example) it is almost impossible to find a positive video on managed payments – even a neutral video! And most of the sellers complaining havent even been switched over yet! So much hatred.

      It can be dangerous for ebay to listen to (some) sellers. if they did – they would be out of business. Hell – a lot of sellers WANT ebay out of business. Have you seen some of the suggestions on Tamebay from sellers? If we followed sellers advice it would be worse than out of the frying pan into the fire ……… it would be out of the frying pan into Mordor and the fires of Mount Doom.

      Who ebay should really listen to is ……….. me. But i been telling them that for years

      Ebay if you are reading I will work for doughnuts and an en-suite loo in my office (i have IBS). Air conditioning would be nice also.

  • Jonah
    6 months ago

    I can’t wait for someone to ask “how is your business performance measured on the ebay platform?”
    What with the numerous detailed seller ratings and feedback to maintain, hoops to jump through and nonsense to applaud, its difficult.
    But then only as difficult as you want to make it, because you can easily pay for listing promotions like the Chinese sellers do and your automatically showcased with no need to worry about anything else, including VAT registration.
    Ebay has sold its soul, the Wenig era has a lot to answer for. “Coach and support” pah!

    • Alan Paterson
      6 months ago

      @ jonah, I have a question:

      “how is your business performance measured on the ebay platform?”

  • Carolyn
    6 months ago

    Where have you been Alan?

  • Jonah
    6 months ago

    @Alan P.
    Best ask Custard Support or a coach to business sellers- coz I haven’t a clue nowadays 🤣
    Hope your feeling better, although we often don’t agree I do value your input on Tamebay and I do know your track record for helping others. In fact you would make a great coach.,… though I hear the wages aren’t the best 🤣

  • Meldrew. rides again
    6 months ago

    Ebay is a hard nosed commercial operation
    For financial gain ,those who think ebay have a community that it values other than for gain ,
    Best stick to Hugging trees

    • Alan Paterson
      6 months ago

      @ meldrew, than you for confirming my point that I believe the ebay community to be dead.

  • Victor
    6 months ago

    We will take ebaypieces of silver to tell someone where their arse is
    ,but if it helps them compete Were deaf dumb and blind

  • Arthur P
    6 months ago

    @ Alan Paterson.

    You seem to paint yourself as a guru of ebay. I do not understand why you can be supportive of a platform that takes so much from the sellers and gives nothing back. Do you already work for ebay? My guess is you do. I have read previous posts you wrote back in 2018. You spout knowledge of the company only an ebay member of staff would know.

    Surely you can see that this new initiative is just to save money in customer service and get more unpaid work from the sellers. Meanwhile ebay role in the cash.

    My sales have been on a steady decline for months. What advice would you give me?

    • Alan Paterson
      6 months ago

      @ Arthur P. It would have been great to be employed by ebay. I would have been furloughed and paid these last few months lol.

      First of all Arthur I would guess you are selling a “non friendly pandemic” product if your sales have been in a decline for months. The entire platform as a whole has increased during pandemic. Sellers that experienced a decline during this are mostly selling items that are not in demand during a pandemic. A business selling push bikes would be up while a business selling re-usable straws for restaurants would be down as nobody could go out. Crude example but you get what i mean.

      If you go into “performance” on your seller dashboard and look at the 4 figures down the right side of the page – if you are in a decline – i am guessing at least 2 or 3 of these numbers are in the red (probably all 4). What you must do Arthur is get them to turn GREEN which is relatively simple when you break it down – there are simple strategies to turn each number green. Sellers with green numbers are generally experiencing an increase in business (seasonality aside). Certainly Cassini gives them greater visibility on best match. Its too long to post instructions on here but believe me – you can exert control on every number providing you are prepared to be flexible.


      your attitude is all wrong. I know it is “corny” saying that ebay are like your business partner. but they are! What businesses have you seen succeed when a business partner has such contempt for the other. thats bound to fail.

      I dont have a crystal ball but these two reasons are likely to explain your decline in sales. Without knowing more about your business i couldnt go into any more detail but that much is almost certain. The opportunity is out there, traffic is up and all you must do is convert this traffic by selling an item buyers are searching for with good listings while giving good buying experience. If you do these things the ebay algorithm should take care of the rest. Thats all i can give with the info i have.

      Arthur P – have you consulted Merlin?

  • Meldrew. Rides again
    6 months ago

    Aww Noooooooooooo!!!!!!
    You will set him off
    Your likely to get a marathon sermon now

    • Alan Paterson
      6 months ago

      @Meldrew. was that short enough for you? Should this not be what Tamebay should be more about? Helping each other sell on the platform, share info, give pointers, discuss positive strategies, improve our ebay business?

      Or are you of the opinion we should just all moan about how bad ebay is as a platform? and dwell in each others negativity ?

      Especially given what this thread is about – I make no apologies for long posts that might actually assist an ebayer with their business.

      I found it amusing that you you used the word “sermon” lol. I dont mean to preach but i do get frustrated when there are so many ebayers needing assistance with their business and it has not always been forthcoming.

      ebay in their wisdom have identified this and this is the very reason they have introduced this new Limitless initiative. My only concern is that the correct information is “taught” to the sellers. I have been given the most atrocious business advice from ebay themselves (not through any malice but just because they sometimes do not understand ebay business as a seller). There is a huge difference between what they do and what we do as a seller. I only hope that the sellers who are providing support on this new initiative “get it”. They NEED to be teaching the right things and i dont mean how to do a return.

    • Meldrew. rides again
      6 months ago


  • Louis
    6 months ago

    Has anyone any idea what we are talking about, please ?
    For example, are we talking about a special hidden section of the ebay forum where some high potential newbies will be allowed to ask questions ? A number of coaches will be allowed in to compete among themselves to answer and get “resolved” badges ? and the most obvious question: HOW is this paid and HOW MUCH ?

  • 6 months ago

    Registered. Didn’t even get a confirmation email.

    • Alan Paterson
      6 months ago

      @ David, dont worry. many of my friends did not receive an emails either. if you go into your seller dashboard and click “payments” at the top of the page it should take you to a page which will confirm that you have successfully registered and on the list.

      Many of my friends / clients switched to ebay managed payments last week and all i can say is that so far – it seems to be seem-less and straightforward. There is a lot of bad press over managed payments and it generally seems to be unwarranted.

      You WILL receive and email BEFORE they switch you over and a message on ebay messages.

    • Meldrew. rides again
      6 months ago

      You would certainly get an ebay expert job
      Ebay loves responding to a question
      You did not ask

    • alan paterson
      6 months ago

      @ Meldrew, sometimes sellers don’t know what questions to be asking.

      You addressed your post to “AP”
      There are 2 “AP” on the thread – me and Arthur P (I think he is Arthur Pentdragon).

      I presume you are talking to me as I am the one with valid points to make. If that is the case I thank you for recognising my expertise……….. (AP takes a bow).

    • meldrew. rides again
      6 months ago


    • Alan Paterson
      6 months ago

      @ Meldrew, I am guessing you are the same person as “Victor” at the top of the page spouting non-sense.

      “Victor…. Meldrew” I presume you are the same guy. There is a theme / pattern and we all get the joke “I dont believe it”.

      the tone of stupidity and style of writing is the same. Your comments at the top of the page as “Victor” even caused Chris to comment and he generally leaves people to their own opinions.

      I appreciate the anonymity that most show on here. it is their prerogative and i respect that. If you have something to say at least do it consistently under the same “handle”. otherwise you may begin arguing with yourself. you lost all credibility with your initial commens as ” Victor” so you needed to change your name. i get it.

      What I dont quite understand the mentality of the sellers who ridicule me on social media and forums for trying to help other ebayers. From my experience they are the very people whos ebay business is failing and the very sellers that NEED advice.

      I guess some sellers like to blame ebay for their problems, and when someone like me comes along and suggests it might not be ebay at fault then they get angry at the very idea that it might be themselves failing!
      God forbid we take responsibility for our own successes / failures.

      Ho , hum, its their stupidity – sorry i didnt mean to write that word – i mean prerogative. but that wont stop me offering. My posts help some people ……. do yours?

    • David Brackin
      6 months ago

      @AP – I meant registered for Limitless (per the article) on this page. I am not registering for MP.

    • .meldrew rides again
      6 months ago

      Dave Brackin
      Is one of the most experienced ebay sellerS
      runs a large ebay operation
      I dont believe it
      Was his post helpful Dave🤪

  • .meldrew rides again
    6 months ago

    One thing you can be sure about in life: just when you think that things are never ever going to get better,
    they suddenly get worse

  • .meldrew rides again
    6 months ago

    “My posts help some people ……. do yours?”

    Of course they do!
    My posts are a great help
    To your Superiority complex

      6 months ago

      @ meldrew / victor

      i for one am interested in what Paterson has to say. There are very few people giving positive tangible advice you can work on.

      then you have p***ks like you coming in and trolling. Paterson is very much superiour at ebay. He is trying to give support and advice where as your posts just demene people and make people feel small.

      What was it you were trying to say at top of page? if you have a car that needs an MOT then you are a failure. Your posts are just negative trash.

  • Arthur P
    6 months ago

    @ Alan Paterson

    you are freakishly accurate about my business and the performance numbers and the product I sell. You say you dont have a crystal ball but it seems that you might.

    I am tired of ebay. I am tired of the lack of income and third of lack of support. I have thrown a lot of money at it. Maybe you are right. Maybe I did it wrong but ebay need to take some of the blame.

    Do you have a blog or YouTube channel?

  • 6 months ago

    You’re wrong I’m afraid, Magento is not owned by eBay, it’s owned by Adobe.
    I use Magento and it’s fine, it’s like all eCommerce platforms.
    Anyway, I need an MOT now so I’m off to train some new sellers in how to refund things six weeks after you sold them on eBay.

    • Ifellow
      6 months ago

      They must of wrecked it and sold it. Last time I worked with magneto is was indepedant and making a big splash , Ebay then was just about to acquire it.

      Guess they then sold it. They wanted it to push paypal integration.

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