Amazon launch augmented reality room decorator shopping tool

By Lauren Fruncillo August 25, 2020 - 4:00 pm

According to reports Amazon are launching a new augmented reality shopping tool that will let consumers view multiple pieces of home décor in their rooms at once.

This feature is said to be available on thousands of products offered by Amazon and third-party sellers and can be accessed by clicking the “view in your room” button on eligible listings.

This feature will be a great way for consumers to work out what products will work in their rooms and what multiple pieces will look like together without going to a store or just hoping they will work when they arrive. The feature will also enable consumers to buy a larger amount of products quickly with confidence. Although it obviously won’t give customers the opportunity to try out furniture as they would at a store, it does provide a better understanding of the real life look of items bringing better opportunity for convenient online shopping.

“Amazon is always exploring new ways to create experiences that delight our customers. With the addition of Room Decorator tools, Amazon enhances its augmented reality feature to give customers an even more immersive shopping experience from the comfort of their own home, or on the go,”

“With access to the inspiring furniture styles available on Amazon, customers can do more than just imagine their dream rooms—they can visualize them to make more informed shopping decisions,”
– Amazon spokesperson

This isn’t the first AR feature Amazon have introduced to their app. In 2017 Amazon released AR View in the US which gave consumers a 360 degree look at a singular item in any area of their room, it shared the concept of letting customers see how an item would look against other furniture prior to making a purchase but was still limited in comparison to this more advanced version being rolled out.

  • Pete
    1 year ago

    “Amazon is always exploring new ways to … ” get more data on buyers, recently it was the door bell to see who is coming and going, now its the inside of our homes !

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