Will you stick with PayPal website payments after eBay payments?

By Chris Dawson July 13, 2020 - 10:50 am

For many online retailers, PayPal website payments has been a defacto choice if they already sell on eBay. I mean why wouldn’t you – PayPal website payments are perfectly adequate (actually pretty superb!) and do the job but the most compelling reason for using PayPal on your website is that you may already have a massive payment processing fee discount based on your eBay business.

PayPal has for years been not only the most convenient way to add payments to your website but also the easiest.

PayPal payment options

PayPal comes with all the bells and whistles to enable you to accept:

  • Online payments
  • A single solution lets customers use a variety of payment methods on your site, on mobile, or in your app.

  • In person payments
  • You can accept a payment in-store or on the go with a PayPal card reader and your smartphone or tablet

  • Payments by phone or email
  • Virtual Terminal lets you accept payments over the phone almost anywhere you have internet access

PayPal website payments options

PayPal integration to your website can be as simple or complex as you choose. Many ecommerce hosting solutions do all the work for you and it’s simply a radio button to click and enter your PayPal email address to get going, and on others you get to choose the experience.

  • Individual items
  • You can set up PayPal Checkout as simply as a cut and paste of prebuilt code onto your product page. You don’t even need shopping cart can sell from any online platform such as a blog post or page.

  • Standard integration
  • Add PayPal Checkout to your product, cart, and payment pages to give your customers get the flexibility to pay the way they want with PayPal or credit and debit cards.

  • Advanced integration
  • Some businesses want the payment page to look like their own site rather than PayPal, and so with advanced integration you can fully customize the look, feel, and placement of debit and credit card payment fields. With the advanced integration you can also access PayPal’s fraud protection tools to set up your own risk tolerance filters.

Payment Volume discounts

PayPal pretty much has everything you ever needed for your website payments and the only real reason to stop using them is if their charges become uncompetitive.

If you are on the basic 2.9% plus 30p per transaction then volume pricing won’t make any difference to you when you lose your eBay volumes. Indeed, even if you have a greater discount rate, payment fees for services such as PayPal Here won’t change anyway. However if you are used to receiving a larger discount then, with eBay Payments, the loss of your eBay volumes could result in you paying a higher rate in the future for your website transactions.

You may look at alternatives on the market and conclude that PayPal, with all the features it offers, is still the best in class solution on the market. However you might also decide that it’s time to consider alternatives of which there are now many such as Stripe, SagePay, Amazon Pay, Square, WorldPay and any number of other alternatives.

  • MS
    4 weeks ago

    PayPal is a trusted one / it’s what you’ll expect. Class-leading in the payout speed.

    Stripe has better rates (low as 1.4%) /minus as much protection (their charge-back protection that costs 0.5% seems not to work on some managed checkout options e.g. Shopify) + much longer clearing time.

    Not sure on the others. Some merchants just above the PayPal Tiered Rate threshold on combined revenue might look to consolidate their payment into fewer options (to get better rates, before expanding out again).

    • Stephen Slater
      4 weeks ago

      PayPal customer service is so bad I wont risk being let down again after I was scammed by a seller and they failed to act.

      This poor women nearly had a nervous breakdown:

  • 4 weeks ago

    I was expecting to read a balanced article weighing up pros and cons of the different providers, instead it seems to be a paid promotional piece for PayPal.

    • Gary
      4 weeks ago

      exactly what I concluded..whatever pays the bills I guess

    • Jak Carter
      4 weeks ago

      I’ve lost over 250.00 pounds due to PayPal and they rap service won’t refund me and buyers got a refund plus the item I sent never using eBay or PayPal ever ahsin

  • John
    4 weeks ago

    What absolute nonsense. Paid advertising clearly. PayPal are scared to death of losing 60 million ebay account payments

    • 4 weeks ago

      I don’t know what makes you think PayPal would pay us to say “However you might also decide that it’s time to consider alternatives of which there are now many such as Stripe, SagePay, Amazon Pay, Square, WorldPay and any number of other alternatives.” 😀 😀 😀

  • Ratso
    4 weeks ago

    Conspiracy theorists abound!

    Don`t expect any more content from Chris Dawson- he`s off to his island that he just bought from all that advertising revenue!

  • 4 weeks ago

    I used pay pal to buy a item. For some reason the payment was #Paused. 3weeks later the seller hasn’t got it. It has gone from my Barclaycard and trying g to speak is impossible, any comment?

    • Mark
      4 weeks ago

      Seller has a new account and funds are held by paypal till seller ships item and uploads tracking to the paypal transaction. Once goods are received funds are processed automatically or you can release them your end.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Hi are you paypal all the time is much easier to pay for things I can’t see you or you can use it still people buy things on eBay and sell things that’s my fault please do not confuse people over there it’s a good system nice and easy for people thanks.

  • StigD
    4 weeks ago

    Trusted? PayPal? You are joking of course.

    They always side with the buyer in ANY dispute and can shut sellers down without warning over nothing. They have even given themselves the power to fine members £2500 for a transgression against one of their obscure ‘regulations’.

    Don’t believe this? Won’t happen to you? Look at their record on TrustPilot. Abysmal.

    The sooner ebay get their managed payments working properly the better.

  • Elaine Barrowcliffe
    4 weeks ago

    I’ve bought lots of items using PayPal . but I’ve been duped by 2 different companies which have falsely advertised the products . I have been waiting for PayPal to sort this out which is still ongoing . wake up PayPal and sort out your customers .

  • Charles
    4 weeks ago

    So must eBay or eBay sellers stick to PayPal forever? Is the world not dynamic? Sure there are better payment companies out there. As long as getting rid of PayPal will save sellers some money, why not?

  • Jojo
    4 weeks ago

    Paypal can keep hold of your money for 40 days for security checks. Earning them interest and you nothing
    Will never use them after recent terrible experience.

  • Graham Wharton
    4 weeks ago

    I must admit, PayPal have always fixed any issues I have had very quickly. I’m not looking forward to dealing with eBay customer services for eBay payment issues as eBay L1 customer services is not fit for purpose.

  • DPC Enterprises
    4 weeks ago

    Be good to see the back of these bullies , They don’t ask for information they just freeze your accounts when they want something costing you hours of grief. Twice for documents they already had . Bad claims procedure as well. Sooner we can leave them the better. Paypal bet you wish you want such a bully now don’t you.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Sold 2 items on eBay PayPal won’t let buyers pay me have froze my account for no reason uploaded a my latest bank statement and photo I’d, verified my email and phone number still frozen buyers have been messaging me nothing I can do gutted

  • Mike
    4 weeks ago

    PayPal are a disgrace. Shut you down regularly for no just reason. Repetedly submitting the same Documents. Disgusting customer service.

  • 4 weeks ago

    What a joke of an article… I guess when you sell out… You SELL OUT… “good” job Mr so called journalist…
    BTW… My experience with PayPal… If they would pay me… I wouldn’t use it… Even if they would have paid me as much as they paid you Mr journalist…

  • Kamaran Ibrahim
    4 weeks ago

    I’ve used paypal for years until recently when my son who has bought a play station and paid using the link from the seller which was to “family and friends” and when I spotted that afterwards I reported it to paypal as unauthorised transaction and explained that it was a scam so paypal froze their money until they investigated the case and sent me an email saying it wasn’t unauthorised despite explaining it to the agents on the other side which they said they understood so PayPal releases the money to the scammer and my account balance goes negative, and I clearly explained it to them around 5 times. This basically means they are helping the fraudsters/ scammers to succeed. Now I’ve I’ve left them and they’ve given my details to bailiffs so I’ve had numerous calls and letters but I ignored them and they will not get a penny out of me these thieves.

  • Geoffrey Wood
    4 weeks ago

    No pay pal talk the talk but when it comes to looking after the customer, selling on buying the insurance promise is rubbish they are only interested in PayPal

    • Tyler
      4 weeks ago

      So you’re saying your child made the payment. That is not unauthorized activity. It reads to me that you are wasting a lot of people’s time by complaining when they’ve probably explained this to you. Unauthorized is when someone illegally accesses your account. I guess you don’t want to press charges against your son.

  • Elvis
    4 weeks ago

    No PAYPAL !!!
    Lost a lot of money because of this terrible company. I leave PAYPAL at first opportunity.
    They should go out of business, as they treat sellers very badly… Shut your account any time they want, block your money for 6 months and they do it to a lot of people !!!

    EBay payments should kill PayPal.

  • Beverline Daley
    4 weeks ago

    PayPal had let us down. In the time we need them most.not answering your call.people need you epically most venerable one.

  • Steven muwonge
    4 weeks ago

    Had abadi experience with PayPal and I recommend you guys to watch out one day I received an email saying a transaction has been detected on my account was asked to contact PayPal if am not aware of it immediately I contacted PayPal to let them stop it but they went on to allow it and pay the items using PayPal credit at first I thought the payment was from my registered credit card its when I checked my card it was not showing up any payment there days later received an email saying a payment of £540 was played from my PayPal credit account in the names of calor Lewis with my address on as a delivery address contacted them to say that was a fraud and they allowed it to happen so I lost trust with PayPal deleted my card details now they are bombarding me with letters from credit collectors to pay that money with interest is there anyone out there who can help me to fight this day robbery thax for taking time to read my bad experience with PayPal.hope this an opener not to be ignored.

    • Tyler
      4 weeks ago

      They handled my issues. I used the chat feature.

  • 4 weeks ago

    PayPal let me down and allowed a scammer to rob me .I posted an item . They said they didn’t receive it so PayPal gave them the money back. .I would never use them again .

    • 4 weeks ago

      How do you know that the buyer didn’t receive it? It’s rare, but it happens.

      Your options in such cases are to claim from Royal Mail for failing to deliver, or to provide a proof of delivery to Paypal in time to show the buyers claim is false.

      It’s up to you to do that, not Paypal, so it sounds like you let yourself down really.

  • TOM
    4 weeks ago


    • Tyler
      4 weeks ago


  • Justin
    4 weeks ago

    I couldn’t sell anything on ebay unless I used paypal…

  • Carol
    4 weeks ago

    I have been fighting with PayPal for almost two weeks I ordered a pair of Keen shoes for $37 supposedly brand new the shoes never arrived and when I went back to look at the bill of lading it said the word electric and that it was delivered the same day now I live in Tennessee and an hour and a half after I place that order there was a delivery already done which is absolutely impossible. I contacted PayPal and I explained to them that within an hour and a half they had supposedly been delivered the shoes but they were not shoes they said that they delivered me something Drake electric or shoes nothing came nothing arrived even though they had a USPS delivery codethen I did some investigation and found out that several people had tried to order these supposedly new team shoes at a drastically low priced all with the same story that I have postmarked the same day couldn’t get your money back it goes on and on and on PayPal I assume does not know how to read because I have sent them the evidence of what I ordered and the statements from all the other people from Facebook that have suffered the same loss that I have financially at this time it’s hard to lose anything even if it’s just $37 needless to say I’ve gone through countless supposed agents who told me the same thing they want me to prove that they were never delivered I’m not saying that there’s not a cota postal code because there is but it wasn’t delivered here nothing was delivered here at all anyway I’m out $37 and I ain’t going to tell everybody on every media I can get on that PayPal is nothing but a rip off and by the way they don’t read their emails.

  • Martin
    3 weeks ago

    Been using paypal for many years, total is well above £100k in processed payments. A couple of minor issues, some chargebacks won and some lost. Pretty much normal service.

    My costs will stay the same under new payment process. My buyer’s costs go up of course – someone has to pay for the new fees after all.

  • Joe
    3 weeks ago

    I run a business where I sell products with different variable of style, colour and fit, so customers need to receive the product, try it and return it if it is not quite right. As a result, I have many returns. Paypal charges 2.99% + 30p per transaction, which is expensive, but REFUSES to refund the fees when a customer returns something to me and having to cover the cost of 2.99% + 30 for every return works out to be very expensive. I now have a policy of charging Paypal fees back to the customer for returns. As a result, I have lost a handful of customers with the remaining customers either agreeing to the policy or to paying through Stripe.

    • NorthCrystal
      3 weeks ago

      I would recommend to read Stripe’s small print… they keep the “transaction fees” as well. Although it’s much lower % than PP.

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