Rob Hattrell & Secretary of State Liz Truss Webinar Thursday (today) 2.30pm

By Chris Dawson July 16, 2020 - 7:00 am

Today, this Thursday the 16th of July at 2.30pm, take a break to hear from Rob Hattrell, Vice President eBay UK and the Secretary of State for International Trade, the Rt Hon Liz Truss MP and put your questions to them in a webinar.

This is a rare opportunity to hear directly from Rob Hattrell and Liz Truss, who together aim to help you learn more about powering up your e-exporting skills. The webinar, in conversation with Lord O’Shaughnessy, will look at the power of ecommerce to boost exports as well as the commercial opportunities for British SMEs arising from the UK’s developing trading relationships with countries such as the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Whether you are new to exporting or want to target new territories, mark the time in your diary.

As well as hearing from Rob Hattrell and Liz Truss, the webinar will also include presentations from DIT officials, providing you with practical advice, resources and insights to help you hone your e-exporting skills and boost overseas selling.

As well as listening in to the webinar, you also have the opportunity to ask relevant questions in advance and can submit them here.

To sign up for the webinar, click here to reserve your place as this is bound to be well attended.

  • 1 year ago

    Will be interesting to hear Rob Hattrell bigging up e-exporting skills, whilst Ebay’s managed payments does not support listing on non-UK Ebay sites😒😒😒

    Thanks for your e-exporting help,. Ebay !

    • Gareth
      1 year ago

      Exactly! All I’ve been told is that they’re aware of the problem and they are working on it. In the meanwhile, some people are being enrolled onto MP (some forcibly) not knowing they would not be able to list on other eBay sites with the current state of affairs as it is! You couldn’t make it up. Myself and many others are reliant on going to other eBay sites in specific countries for our customer base. Some domestic eBay sites around the world are small affairs, and don’t give any real access to the international market.
      These problems should have been addressed long ago during beta testing. I hope someone brings it up with Rob Hattrell because the problems are detrimental to eBay, its sellers and buyers who are being forced to log into country specific sites to make international purchases – not good if you don’t speak the language.
      It feels like a shambles, and I’m very upset by it, and the anxiety of not knowing what might become of my store, which is set up in a different country to the one I reside in.

  • Gary
    1 year ago

    Ebay truly have lost their way. Rob is the captain of a sinking ship. We did an experiment- listed a product a full 20% cheaper on eBay than Amazon. Result, zero sales eBay, 50 units Amazon.

    Change or expire eBay

    • 1 year ago

      It’s not as straightforward as your experiment suggests.

      Amazon can do very well if it picks up on a product and likes it. But if it doesn’t like your product, then it’s just not happening. Ebay seems the same.

      I’ve got two completely different items priced over £100 on both platforms and so far this year, ebay has outsold Amazon at a 20:1 ratio for both of those items.

      On the otherhand, I’ve an item that sells for under £10 on both platforms with free P&P that Amazon buyers will buy multiples of and it out performs ebay at around 4:1 ratio, even though on ebay there are big multibuy discounts on it and they could be getting it a lot cheaper there.

      I also have a lot of products on ebay that sell everyday, but not at all on Amazon. However, every once in a while, I’ll get a massive Amazon order for one of those products.

      All I can conclude from that is, stick everything you have got on both platforms. You never know what is going to happen.

    • NorthCrystal
      1 year ago

      Your experiment was a nice try but had some failed logic… It was too basic to conclude any meaningful analysis.

      Our experiment with selling (car parts) on Amazon is that during 6 months period we sold exactly 0!

  • Matt
    1 year ago

    A webinar by two people that have no idea of what it is like to actually be a seller on eBay. Hmmm that’s worth watching…

  • Jonah
    1 year ago

    E-Export is great, but sadly will now be limited on eBay due to their approach to managed payments and the inability to list on overseas sites.
    Also being able to register for said sales would be great, but the hash ebay are making of the managed payments debacle may limit that too.
    Will I be tuning in to the webinar? Sadly not, I’m dealing with what must be the 20th ebay email requesting a company number for managed payments registration when in fact we don’t have one due to us being a sole trading partnership.

  • ifellow
    1 year ago

    Fantastic. If you’re a Chinese VAT fraudster. eBays got you back!

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