How one mum turned her passion into a career on eBay

By Lauren Fruncillo July 6, 2020 - 6:57 pm

As part of their global community mini stories eBay highlight Victoria Eagle and her passion turned into a business on eBay and how aspiring entrepreneurs can do the same. As more people start to look at selling online, today I decided to share the story of how one mum does it.

Victoria was determined to relieve herself of her long retail management hours that just didn’t coincide with raising a young child and baby. Through her entrepreneurial driven personality, she was able to create a business selling wedding invitations and cards that integrated perfectly within both her home and lifestyle, whilst also proving to be a smashing success.

Initially, Victoria was playing a waiting game and after 3 months of no sales her businesses suddenly began picking up and from there she never looked back. Overtime she shifted her designs and offerings based on customer needs and trends, an important step for any successful seller.

“If you don’t refresh your range and stay ahead of the curve and on trend, you’ll get left behind,”
– Victoria Eagle, Pegs and Pearls

Through the Coronavirus pandemic, her business slowed as weddings had stopped but Victoria took this opportunity to create new products that fit in with new emerging trends, thank you cards for health care workers, virtual-hug cards and prints.

“Just do it. If you don’t try, you won’t know, I don’t have business training, I left school with the minimum amount of qualifications. If I can do it, anyone can. eBay makes it very accessible to everyone in any country to do what I do from home. As long as you have a laptop, you can set up a shop. It’s very minimal what I have to do to run my business on there. And eBay gives me that exposure that no other platform can.”
– Victoria Eagle, Pegs and Pearls

A few things to remember:

  • Keep an eye on trends: Look out for what consumers are looking for, searching for and need. What is going on in the world and what can you provide that solves a problem for them?
  • Don’t rush it: Some great things take time, don’t feel disheartened if at first you don’t succeed and try to remain consistant. Victoria waited 3 months for her first sale!
  • Go for it: You’ll never know until you try.
  • Tommy
    1 month ago

    Not trying to be cruel however looking at this sellers feedback on Ebay it looks like she sells a few hundred quid a month.

    Is that success ?

    • 1 month ago

      So what if it was only a few hundred a month? For some people that is a massive success if it feeds your family, sorts out an annual holiday, or buys the Christmas presents.

      As it happens it’s on record that she has had an £8k sales month in the past although I have no idea what her current turnover is.

    • NorthCrystal
      1 month ago

      And your success is what exactly?

      Most people won’t take the extra risk if they hold nice and well paid jobs, it’s simply human nature. Well done to the lady even if it’s “few hundred quid a month”.

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