New Amazon automated return processing feature

By Chris Dawson July 13, 2020 - 7:31 am

Amazon is launching a new automated return processing feature. This feature is optional and gives you control over the products you would like to exclude from automated returns processing.

Designed for sellers that don’t use FBA, automated return processing feature should drive greater operational efficiency and, hyper important from Amazon’s perspective, an improved customer experience. This aim is that as soon as a customer requests a return it will be accepted with in input needed from the merchant and no delay to the consumer.

Returnless automated return processing

Don’t forget that if you use the Returnless Refunds feature this will automate your refund process for items that you do not need customers to return. If you offer Returnless Refunds and a customer requests a return for a SKU which you determined as eligible for a returnless refund, the customer will automatically receive a full refund from your seller account as soon as they submit their return request without you having to take action.

This feature would be useful for you if the cost of return is uneconomical compared to the price of the item, and you prefer that the customer keep the product rather than return it to you at a cost. This is an opt-in feature. It is up to you to set the rules that would qualify a return to receive a returnless refund. On Amazon, you can set rules based on price of the product, reason for return, product category, return window or a combination of the four factors.

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Naturally returns are easier to handle for domestic orders compared to the situation when you sell internationally, and this will be exacerbated from the 1st of January for the EU when customs procedures kick in for EU returns. To find out more:

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