eBay’s new APIs are helping developers create modern commerce

By Lauren Fruncillo July 14, 2020 - 2:06 pm

eBay are celebrating their new APIs for Managed Payments, Seller Initiated Offers, Charity and more for developers to help their businesses thrive.

As part of the 20th-year celebration of their developer ecosystem eBay are showing that even though challenging times they are committed to delivering the relevant technologies that aid business survival. eBay’s application programming interfaces allow third-party platforms to extend their value proposition while also bringing their customers to eBay and creating fantastic buying and selling experiences for their users.

NHS online portal

eBay partnered with the NHS to create an online portal to help health care providers get personal protective equipment (PPE). This was based on eBay buy APIs and lets providers make zero-cost “purchases” of the items via Buy APIs in a controlled way.

New Payments API Capabilities

eBay are preparing for their managed payments global expansion which will begin on July 18th. Numerous API capabilities have been released around eBay managed payments which will all aid sellers managing their finances efficiently.

  • Account API – This API now allows sellers to check whether they are eligible for eBay managed payments and what they need to do to complete the managed payments enrollment process.
  • Fulfillment API – This API gives developers a way to manage their sellers’ external, buyer-initiated payment disputes. It also gives a breakdown of taxes and fees when retrieving order details.
  • Finances API – This API provides insights into financial activities on the platform for sellers enrolled in eBay managed payments and now supports various transaction types, including shipping labels, fees and disputes.

New Selling API Capabilities

  • Promoted Listings Supported in France, Italy, Spain, and Canada in Marketing API – Ad campaigns help sellers to stand out from the crowd.
  • Customer Service Metrics in Analytics API – This capability is for sellers to retrieve metric and benchmark data as well as the overall seller rating to understand if they are meeting buyers’ customer-service expectations.
  • Offers to Buyers in Negotiation API – This allows sellers to send offers with customized discounts to interested buyers.
  • Enhanced Aspect Guidance in Taxonomy and Compliance APIs – The Compliance API now surfaces listings at risk for becoming non-compliant against eBay aspect listing policies. The Taxonomy API now provides an easy way to retrieve aspect metadata across categories via a new bulk method.
  • Feed API – This is a new API in ebay’s portfolio that enables sellers to upload input files and download reports and output files.
  • Auctions, Scheduled Listings and More in Inventory API – Sellers can now specify charity donation percentage when they create their offers.
  • Consumer Selling API – The API allows users on partner marketplaces to create eBay item drafts starting from the partner platform’s information.

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