eBay make the Optiseller Aspect Finder + tool free from today

By Chris Dawson July 1, 2020 - 9:00 am

Courtesy of eBay, the Optiseller Aspect Finder + tool is once again free of charge with no obligations and without limit to all customers for free, until 31st December 2020.

We were expecting the free service through eBay to end, but eBay have now announced that they have renewed their partnership with Optiseller to cover all your listings in all categories (not just mandated categories). This means that the Optiseller Aspect Finder + tool is available for free from today the 1st of July, until at least the 31st of December.

The tool is available to all eBay sellers. Aspect Finder + allows you sellers to review existing eBay listings in any category and suggests values for all item specifics.

Free Optiseller Aspect Finder + tool features

  • Identify missing and required Item specifics
  • Automatically review your listings
  • Find recommended values
  • Easily update your listings (either directly on eBay or through another listing tool)

Sign up to use the Optiseller Aspect Finder + tool for free

You can sign up to get started here. Remember, you don’t just want to sort out your mandatory Item Specifics, you should be trying to fix them ALL so that your items are seen more in search and you don’t lose sales to competitors.

Too busy? Consider a paid service

For busy online businesses with lots of listings on eBay it’s really hard to find the staff time for the many hours it takes to add and amend all the item specifics one by one. Optiseller also offer an onboarding process for larger merchants which involves bulk data enrichment for categorisation, titles & item specifics as a feed for new and existing products.

This is a way to get all your listings up to 10 out of 10 in one go without taking time yourself. It’s a paid-for managed service which will augment the optimisation of product data using the same technology as Aspect Finder +, but in addition to existing listings this supports new products at scale and will provide categorisation, optimised eBay data with confidence. Prices start from £2,400.

  • 3 months ago

    I have been unable to find this on my eBay account if it is available in the UK they are not making it clear how to find it.

  • 3 months ago

    Ahhh I have found a link to it, sorry realise I used it at the start when it first became available and it was a complete waste of time for my products. It was suggesting edits that were nothing whatsoever to do with the products I was selling, so I just cancelled it.

    However, giving it another go now, let’s hope it has improved over time.

    • 3 months ago

      Used it again this afternoon and it is still providing completely incorrect information on the report. Trying to change brand names, telling me there is no colour added when it is very clear on the listings. Trying to add information about style that is just complete nonsense, the correct information is already on the listings. It also tells me I have 4 listings when I actually have hundreds.

      It would have to be an awful lot more useful than it is now for me to even bother running another report never mind paying for it. It is no better now months down the line than it was the first time I used it. Sorry, but I cannot see what the point is of this process when it does not provide any useful information.

    • 3 months ago

      Hi Sheila,

      Sorry to hear that you have not had a positive experience with the tool. The information provided by the tool are suggestions that you should review – it would not apply any information without you confirming first.

      We’d be happy to discuss with you and have a look at the data you were provided to see if we can help you get more value from the tool, and we are always keen to get detail on feedback to help us improve – let me know.


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