Amazon test Dash Cart shopping cart that scans your items

By Lauren Fruncillo July 15, 2020 - 11:30 am

Reports suggest that Amazon are testing Dash Cart, a smart shopping cart that will scan and charge you for items as you place them inside it. The cart which is said to be for small and medium-sized shops is equipped with cameras and scanners and technology to allow for manual fruit and veg input.

This cart, developed by amazon works similarly to an online shopping cart in that it calculates your total cost as items are added, probably what the online marketplace used for inspiration. As with most successful ventures by Amazon, it is possible that they are creating these innovative shopping solutions to sell on to other brick and mortar stores to revolutionize the high street. It’s fascinating to see how amazon are attempting to revive brick and mortar stores by taking the effective solutions of online commerce and bringing them into the physical plane.

The success of online commerce is through convenience and efficiency and during the coronavirus crisis consumers have been finding themselves spending more time online. Solutions like Dash Cart will be fantastic for the recovery of physical stores that are now fighting for consumers who have been forced to fall in love with digital solutions that aid their lifestyles.

In the video supplied my Amazon it is implied that product barcodes need to be visible for the cart to effectively scan, however, Amazon say that the vision algorithms will try to identify items visually if scanning does not work, showing an evolved form of scanning that gives multiple chances for a successful shop without the common interruptions we see in superstore self-service.

  • Marie
    1 year ago

    Im not sure if this is much more advantageous than using my Sainsburys app to scan and go – pretty much the same experience, and I have the tech in my hand.

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