Amazon Robotics FC in Australia to double operational footprint

By Chris Dawson July 6, 2020 - 10:59 am

Amazon have announced that construction has already begun on a huge Amazon Robotics FC (fulfilment centre) in Western Sydney, Australia, which will more than double their operational footprint in the country. With a total floor area of around 200,000 square metres across four levels the Amazon Robotics FC will house up to 11 million items creating more than 1,500 jobs (for humans).

Amazon already have more than 50 robotics FCs around the world with over 200,000 robots shuffling cages to assist humans to pick and pack orders. They’ve also got more than 1,000 Robotic Tech Vests to keep people safe so that robots know they are there!

The Australian Amazon Robotics FC will be equipped with the most advanced Amazon Robotics technology to assist employees and serve customers, and contribute to the company’s efforts to deliver a smarter, faster and more consistent experience for its customers around Australia. Robots help speed order processing time by moving shelves to employees, thereby reducing the time and efforts taken to stow items for sale and to pick, pack and ship smaller items such as books, beauty products, electronics and toys working collaboratively with humans.

“The Amazon Robotics FC will more than double our operational footprint in Australia, enhance efficiency and safety for our associates while ultimately providing customers with wider selection and faster delivery. We look forward to creating more than 1,500 jobs, the majority of which are permanent full time jobs, with the opportunity to work alongside advanced robotics to deliver the ultimate in service for customers. This investment will also benefit the 10,000 plus small & medium sized businesses who utilise Fulfilment By Amazon to seamlessly service customers across the country.”
– Craig Fuller, Director of Operations, Amazon Australia

The actual size of the building is staggering:

  • The total floor area of the building is around 200,000 sqm over four levels.
  • The overall site is 150,000 sqm including 1,111 general car park spaces, 64 motorbike spaces and 37 disabled spaces.
  • 13,500 tonnes of steel
  • More than 200,000 nuts / bolts will be used for the erection of the structural steel frame (Now wouldn’t that be a nice order to receive through Amazon Business!)


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