Terapeak Research gets new features with more this June

By Chris Dawson June 1, 2020 - 8:45 am

eBay US have announced more features coming to Terapeak Research which you can find in the eBay Seller Hub. They have also announced the road map with more features due to launch this June.

Terapeak Research features added since February

  • Additional detail on sold and unsold listings (including sell-through rate). This helps you determine the likelihood of a sale by measuring the percentage of other listings that sold within a time period.

  • Information on active listings (including aggregate metrics, percentage of listings using Promoted Listings, price distribution and a listing view of listings currently live). You can use this to better assess your competition as well as to better decide on the use of Promoted Listings for your own inventory.

  • Multi-user access: sellers with access to Seller Hub can now delegate Terapeak access to their employees via My eBay under Account: Account Preferences: Permissions: Authorised Users. This gives you the ability to expand your team doing research to get ahead of the competition.

Upcoming features to Terapeak Research this June

  • eBay have said that they will be adding more features to Terapeak, to provide you with additional insights into your business data and that of your competitors. By the end of June, Terapeak search results will incorporate item specifics such as colour or size, providing even more powerful results (current search results are exclusively based on listing titles).

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