Newegg Bridge offer customer service solutions for 3PL Clients

By Lauren Fruncillo June 21, 2020 - 8:36 pm

Newegg, an online retailer for all things tech, have just added their very own customer service outsourcing solution, Newegg Bridge, to its portfolio of third-party logistics solutions. The new service will give sellers more time to focus on the important stuff like growing their business whilst leaving customer service to Newegg Bridge.

“Traditional 3PL services tend to focus on warehousing and fulfillment, however we see growing demand among our clients for a more comprehensive set of solutions, To meet this demand, we’re happy to now offer outsourced dedicated customer service capabilities that address what has become a common pain-point for many of our sellers, vendors and more broadly across our 3PL clients. With Newegg Bridge, our partners can focus their attention on growing their businesses and leave the customer service to Newegg. Newegg Bridge complements our ecosystem of service offerings, connecting multiple channels including email, phone, chat, SMS and social across multiple spoken languages.”
– Jamie Spannos, Global Chief Operating Officer, Newegg

Newegg Bridge customer service capabilities:

Customer Service Management: Newegg’s omni-channel contact center solution helps brands create loyalty, connecting with customers via every possible channel. Highly trained agents are prepared to deliver a high level of service from the very first interaction, ensuring a positive experience with swift resolution to any issue.

Social Media Monitoring Now more than ever, customers turn to social media to engage with business they frequent. Newegg helps sellers cultivate connection via traditional channels such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as other more specialized online forums. Newegg’s brand advocates’ high-touch social engagement reinforces customer satisfaction, and often surfaces key customer insights to help sellers further refine their online shopping experiences.

It’s important that sellers are able to prioritize their workflow efficiently to make the most out of their business whilst maintaining a high standard of customer service. Although outsourcing customer service can remove the personal relationship and connectivity between a brand and its consumers when done correctly this kind of solution can really help businesses grow and evolve.

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Newegg is the number one online marketplace for technology in the USA. They have 33 million registered shoppers worldwide.

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