Visa reveal online spending habits will stick around

By Lauren Fruncillo June 4, 2020 - 8:30 am

Research released by Visa shows that a third of Brits purchased items for the first time during lockdown and these spending habits are likely to stick around for the foreseeable future. 74% of the more frequent online shoppers are planning to continue shopping online after restrictions lift showing that those less involved with Online shopping prior to COVID-19 have been pushed into it, satisfied with how it turned out and don’t want to stop – great news for online businesses.

The findings of the research commissioned by Visa show that despite over half of consumers cutting back on non-essentials, home decor stayed at the top of many online shopping lists and over 36% of brits were buying DIY essentials, plants, furniture or home furnishings during the lockdown.

Below you’ll find some of the interesting findings from the 2000 survey respondents:

Top items purchased online during lockdown:

  1. Groceries (41%)
  2. Clothing and accessories (37%)
  3. Books, games and puzzles (31%)
  4. DIY supplies (21%)
  5. Electronics & hobby supplies (both 18%)

New consumer shopping habits

  • 39% of respondents have signed up to a new subscription in the last three months (TV, film and music streaming services made up the majority of new subscriptions.)
  • 13% of respondents signed up to grocery and fresh produce boxes, meal delivery kits, or fitness memberships.
  • 41% of respondents are shopping online more frequently and 74% of those will continue to do so.
  • 42% of respondents say they are paying by contactless wherever possible.
  • 28% of respondents are shopping online where possible.
  • 9% of respondents are using smartphones to pay more frequently.

Lockdown shopping challenges

  1. Getting a delivery slot for essential items (28%)
  2. Nearby physical retailers closing (26%)
  3. Accessing a retailer’s website (13%)
  4. Getting a click and collect slot for essential items (13%)
  5. Not being able to speak to a customer service operator (12%)

The information above shows how COVID-19 has effected online consumers and businesses. This lockdown has given many consumers a new take on the world of online commerce but has also brought up some clear challenges making it difficult for consumers to have the best experience possible. Thankfully for most online businesses more good will come from this, especially since people have had no choice but to move themselves online and as long as challenges can be overcome and worked on the future of ecommerce is looking bright.

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