eBay release dark mode iOS and Android mobile apps

By Lauren Fruncillo June 11, 2020 - 9:13 pm

eBay has become one of the first ecommerce platforms to launch Dark Mode on iOS and Dark Theme on Android. The theme which is said to release eye strain and ease the shopping experience will create more accessibility for eBay customers.

According to eBay, Dark Mode is one of their most requested app feature this year and it’s no surprise considering most consumers have been pent up indoors on their mobile devices for most of 2020. eBay also noted that when eye strain is prolonged throughout the entire day and into the night, our sleep patterns, focus, and overall health can be negatively impacted which is interesting if we consider how lockdown seems to be negatively impacting people’s sleep, perhaps they correlate.

The new setting meets all contrast guidelines and standards and can help customers with light sensitivities and visual impairments navigate the app in comfort. Dark Mode allows for a comfortable viewing experience that’s easy on the eyes and even saves battery life due to low power usage.

“Bringing Dark Mode to our apps was possible due to eBay’s Component Architecture technology working closely with eBay’s modern Design System technology.

Component Architecture is a framework that includes a set of reusable UI components, which define the building blocks of the app at the UI level. This allows design, engineering and product to move quickly, while ensuring our users have a stable and consistent experience.”

eBay says they will be collecting feedback and monitoring app usage metrics to provide insights into how users are engaging with the new feature. They will then use these insights to improve and produce other features to create a better and more personalized user experience. It will be interesting to eventually see these insights and assess how consumers use it, whether they switch to and from it at certain points in the day or stay on the app for longer shopping sessions.

  • Jayne Karen Knowles
    2 months ago

    I am unable to download says phonr not compatible?

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