eBay Listing Month – £1 Final value fees on 100 sales!

By Chris Dawson June 8, 2020 - 11:18 am

There’s another £1 final value fees listing promotion from eBay for business sellers going live today, but unlike the two most recent promotions where you had under a week, this time you have a whole month to take advantage. The eBay Listing Month is now live and runs until the 9th of July.

eBay Listing Month

  1. Activate your offer before you start listing.
  2. Create new listings until 11.59 pm on the 8th of July.
  3. You’ll pay max. £1 Final value fees per item for the items sold within 30 days of listing. The Final value fee discount will be automatically credited after each successful transaction.

This is an invitation only offer, so click the activation link to see if you’ve been invited and don’t forget to check all of your eBay Business accounts. You must activate the offer between the 8th of June 2020 until the 8th of July 2020, 23:59:59 before you launch your qualifying listings.

A £1 final value fees or 5% take rate cap will be applied automatically to completed transactions from eligible listings at checkout.

If you are new to eBay and are a Business sellers= who registered after 26th March 2020 and are eligible for the zero insertion fees and zero final value promotion running from 26th March 2020 to 31st July 2020 then naturally this offer won’t apply to you – you won’t be paying final value fees anyway for most of the promotion period.

It’s also worth noting that items that are automatically relisted through the Automatic relist function or the Good ‘Till Cancelled function are not eligible for £1 final value fees during the eBay Listing Month promotion.

Finally, make sure you take full advantage – this promotion is designed to encourage you to add new stock to eBay but to maximise on fee savings you should list your most expensive products for the biggest savings. Get your 100 listings ready to go live, then activate the promotion and list them rather than use up your free allowance on low value products where final value fees would be less than or close to £1 anyway.

Full terms and conditions are available on eBay here.

  • timo
    1 year ago

    Caution: Unlike previous £1 promotions, these need to be genuine NEW listings; it’s not accepting ended listings that are then ‘relist’ or ‘sell similar’, they will just come out of you normal shop allowance.
    Could be a glitch though; it’s ebay, you never know …

    • SAM
      1 year ago

      It is not accepting brand new listing either. I moved some lines over from Game ( expensive collectors editions) and they just came of the normal allowance so had to just end them. I have tried the sell similar also this does not come off either.
      Hopefully a glitch….plus it looks like you actually have to pay to list the items in the T&C….
      They have given us a month however so no big rush

    • timo
      1 year ago

      Ooh, well spotted sam !
      It’s not the usual £1 max FVF & no insertion fee; just the £1 max part.
      Hmmm, crafty & petty.

  • nathan dodd
    1 year ago

    Still does not appear to be working? Any more ideas?
    Thank you.

    • SAM
      1 year ago

      It is different from last 2 deals you create a new listing…and you get the discount on 1st hundred sales. GTC etc don’t count.
      So new listing has 1 sale it would then show up as 1 off the 100 in the seller hub.
      It is not a good a deal as before…where you could have a hundred new listings and say sell 100 of each for £1.
      It is essentially capped.
      I will keep lower value stuff on GTC, and create new listing with Higher value. Going have to play with it to make it work.

  • Skeggy mick
    1 year ago

    I’m pleased ebay are regularly running these kind of promos for business sellers even if this one is not quite so good as before… can someone please explain exactly what-

    A £1 final value fees or 5% take rate cap

    means. The “take rate cap” is something new, is it a US expression?

  • 1 year ago

    Just to quote you on what you said below…

    It is not a good a deal as before…where you could have a hundred new listings and say sell 100 of each for £1.
    It is essentially capped.

    I contacted ebay about the previous promotion as I was really confused about whether or not you could list more than one item in a single listing and have it count towards the £1 final value fee. The last promotion did say 100 listings with no mention on how many items you were allowed to sell. Anyway they said this was not possible and they have never had £1 fee promo on multi quantity listings, so after many examples I gave them I can confirm that you were only allowed to have 1 item for each of your 100 listings for the last two 100 new listing promotions for businesses. To clarify the last 2 promotions were capped to 100 transactions and any listing with multi quantity didn’t count.

    For my understanding the current deal now is basically the exact same as the ones before. You have 100 transactions as your limit, the only difference this time is that you have longer to put them up. Also having to create a new listing everytime if that’s correct is a pain. I reckon they have changed the way it is written in the terms as many people were confused over it before.

  • Ratso
    1 year ago

    As usual, when contacted, customer services have no idea why the counters are not working or why fees are still showing at normal levels instead of being capped at the basket stage (as stated in the promo terms) _ Sigh

  • Bob Marley
    1 year ago

    So it adds up when the item sells. It is exactly the same as before except when the item sells it will show 1/100 used/left. You can do sell similar and it will sort it out when the item sells.

    • Ratso
      1 year ago

      Nothing seems to show on the counters at all (no change when listing or indeed selling a qualifying item)-Customer services no help at the mo.

  • Ratso
    1 year ago

    Final update from Customer Services – you need to create NEW listings from scratch to qualify. You cannot use the relist function or indeed the sell similar function – only new listings will count.

    To check if a listing has qualified your counter will move down (only when a qualified listing sells)

    As a nice change to similar offers in the past you now get the fee discount applied at the time of sale so you can see a PROMO discount applied to your fee straight away in your account.

    Hope that helps folks!

  • 12 months ago

    I’ve just come across this thread after getting frustrated at the eBay charges on my 100x £1 FVF listings.
    From what I’ve found going through the fees and credits over the past two months is that:
    a) sellers are being charged the normal listing fee (as mentioned previously)
    b) the £1 FVF is not applied immediately at checkout, I have been charged and invoiced for the regular fees, and then received a credit weeks later to bring the fees down (but not quite full amount to make £1 fees)
    c) the regular fees still apply to any P&P charge
    d) the £1 FVF does apply to multiple quantities
    e) I used ‘Sell Similar’ and the later account credits were still received.

    I hope that helps?

    • Ratso
      12 months ago

      The promo that this thread relates to may well be different to the one you are talking about. You seem to be describing the older 100x promo instead of the one described above as the one running at the moment most certainly does apply the discount at checkout stage and shows up immediately in your account as a £1 fee under “PROMO”.

    • Ratso
      12 months ago

      Just to clarify Algy if you use sell similar on the promo that this thread relates to you will not get your reduced fee (not now and not later either) hence why I put up the post a couple of weeks ago after speaking to CS.

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