Digital Shopware Community Day starts today

By Chris Dawson June 18, 2020 - 6:00 am

Shopware would have loved to welcome you today, to Duisburg Germany, for the 10th anniversary Shopware Community Day (SCD 2020). But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the digital Shopware Community Day is being held as an online event for the first time.

Kicking off at 10 o’clock (CEST) today, you’ll find a ton of presentations throughout the digital Shopware Community Day which you can dip in and out of at will. If you’ve not yet registered you can do so on the Shopware Community Day website.

Digital Shopware Community Day Agenda

10:05 AM Empower your growth
Stefan Hamann (Shopware)

10:35 AM How to start your business online (fast)
Jörn Paulsen (Shopware)

10:55 AM Welcome to the family
Daniel Nögel (Shopware)

11:25 AM What happened, where we are, where we go
Udo Harwardt (Shopware)

11:35 AM Shopware Markets – Integrate Amazon & eBay as sales channels
Max Büscher (Shopware)
Torsten Blümel (Brickfox)

11:45 AM Smart Shopping Campaigns on Google, powered by Shopware
Felix Hentzen (Google Germany)

12:05 PMShopware 6 Product Development Insights
Josua Seiler (Shopware)

12:20 PM Back to the Rules
Marcel Schmäing (Shopware)

12:35 PMTastes better with cream
Aaron Schaarschmidt (Shopware)

12:50 PM Growth with Shopware 6
Marvin Luttermann (Shopware)

13:40 PM Shopware Enterprise – much more than just B2B Commerce
Christina Braun (Shopware)
Niklaas Leniger (Shopware)

13:55 PM Why B2B clients love to fax
Laurenz Wenning (Shopware)

14:10 PM PWA 101 – What you need to know about Shopware PWA
Sander Mangel (Shopware)

14:25 PM Enterprise – The next generation
Moritz Nazcenski (Shopware)

14:40 PM Raise the limit
Annika Iking (Shopware)
Stefan Blick (Shopware)

14:55 PM Notebooksbilliger and Shopware – a notable partnership
Janina Lücker (Shopware)
Christian Jung (Shopware)

15:10 PM Multi-store management across channels and countries
Tim Rymarczyk (Shopware)

15:25 PM State of Shopware 6 Ecosystem
Lea Weyck (Shopware)

15:40 PM Migration from Magento to Shopware with ease
Holger-Thomas Kaßner (Shopware)

15:50 PM PayPal – Omni-channel payments, loans, debit card and installments
Susanne Steinwart (PayPal)

16:00 PM Growth through knowledge
Marc Andreas Watzlawik (Shopware)

16:15 PM Building a winning ecosystem
Lena Dietrich (Shopware)

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