A+ Content draft copying duplicates draft to other Amazon country sites

By Chris Dawson June 3, 2020 - 12:54 pm

Amazon A+ Content now has a new feature for eligible Professional Sellers to save you from the tedious work of creating A+ templates in each country one by one. A+ Content draft copying automatically copies drafts of newly approved content to your accounts in many of the other countries where you do business.

Amazon A+ Content enables brand owners to change the product descriptions of branded ASINs. Using this tool, you can describe your product features in a different way by including a unique brand story, enhanced images and text placements. Adding A+ to your product detail pages can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic and increased sales when used effectively.

It’s worth emphasising that Amazon A+ Content is only available to Professional sellers who have been approved as brand owners via the Amazon Brand Registry process, as well as emerging brand owners who are part of certain managed selling programmes such as Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives

Amazon will identify other Amazon stores worldwide where you are doing business and A+ Content draft copying will add content into your account in those countries so that you don’t need to recreate an A+ template in each country. You can edit and localize the copied content, translate the language, and submit the content for approval. Cross-country A+ Content draft copying automatically applies to content submitted for approval. If you want to cross-country copy any existing content, re-submit it for approval to automatically trigger the process.

You can delete a draft in any of your country accounts by clicking on the draft content in the A+ Content Manager, clicking on Actions and clicking on Delete. This will permanently remove it from your dashboard.

A+ Content draft copying by country

Source country and language

A+ Content draft copying to

US English CA English, UK English, DE English, IN English, AU English, SG English, BR Portuguese
US Spanish MX Spanish, ES Spanish
CA French FR French
MX Spanish US Spanish, ES Spanish
UK English DE English, FR French, IT Italian, ES Spanish, IN English, AU English, SG English
DE German FR French, IT Italian, ES Spanish
DE English UK English
DE Turkish TR Turkish
DE Dutch NL Dutch
NL Dutch DE Dutch
FR French UK English, DE German, IT Italian, ES Spanish
IT Italian UK English, DE German, FR French, ES Spanish
ES Spanish UK English, DE German, FR French, IT Italian
TR Turkish DE Turkish
AE English SA English, EG English
AE Arabic SA Arabic, EG Arabic
SA English AE English, EG English
SA Arabic AE Arabic, EG Arabic
EG English AE English, SA English
EG Arabic AE Arabic, SA Arabic
AU English SG English
SG English AU English

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