Volo Commerce powers eBay NHS PPE Portal connections

By Chris Dawson May 28, 2020 - 3:40 pm

We’ve written about the superb efforts of eBay to build an eBay NHS PPE Portal to assist with the distribution of vital protective equipment. We’ve also highlighted that Royal Mail and Clipper Logistics have paid a huge part and will continue to do so to get the PPE to the social care and NHS settings that desperately need it. But it’s just come to light that another company, familiar to many in the marketplace world, has also had a part to play and that company is Volo Commerce.

Volo are the missing link in the eBay NHS Portal managing the updates to stock levels and tracking information for deliveries and then passing updates back to eBay. It is after all no good the Government signing deals with more than 100 new suppliers from around the world and having ramped up domestic production to help meet demand for PPE if no on knows how much is available and when it will be delivered, so Volo stepped up to offer their services for free to bridge the gap between the eBay NHS PPE Portal and Clipper.

“One of the subsidiary companies of Clipper, the retail logistics company, is a Volo customer. The NHS and eBay approached Clipper, who in turn approached us to ‘build the bridge’, as it were.

eBay has developed a version of its marketplace for the NHS. Clipper is the warehouse management system for controlling the PPE. The Volo Origin platform receives feeds from Clipper to update stock levels and tracking information and Origin updates eBay. Origin sends Clipper orders as they come in from eBay. Origin is managing the listings, the orders and the integration into eBay.”
– Chris Farrelly, Founder and CTO, Volo Commerce

“It’s vitally important we all do what we can so that front-line organisations can access the critical protective equipment they need to save lives and keep themselves safe. It goes without saying that we’re very pleased to be able to donate our time and technology to the project.”
– Tony Kyberd, COO, Volo Commerce

As the eBay NHS PPE Portal invites ever more services in the health and social care sector to sign up, naturally Royal Mail is also ramping up its support in delivering on behalf of the government. Royal Mail is providing final mile delivery to care homes and GP surgeries and have already made hundreds of deliveries to care homes across the England. Posties have been going the extra mile to ensure that staff who are in lockdown at care homes are able to maintain social distancing when accepting packages.

“We are working around the clock to ensure that those fighting this virus have all the equipment they need. I want to say a huge thanks to Royal Mail, their postmen and postwomen and all of our partners, who as part of this national effort to help get PPE to the NHS and social care staff as quickly as possible, have been amazing in stepping up to the task.”
– Jo Churchill, Health Minister

“Royal Mail continues to support the NHS and social care during the coronavirus crisis. We are already working closely with pharmacy companies and NHS trusts across the UK by delivering many prescriptions and hospital appointments and delivering testing kits.”
– David Gold, Director of Public Affairs and Policy, Royal Mail

  • Keir
    2 years ago

    Well done all at Volo – great to see private companies doing their bit.

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