eBay Easy Relisting feature has no Insertion or feature fees

By Chris Dawson May 27, 2020 - 10:30 am

eBay have popped up an announcement to highlight to sellers that, since the 30th of March 2020, there have been no relisting fees when relisting with eBay Easy Relisting, if the buyer requested a cancellation or changed their mind. Easy Relisting was first announced in the Spring 2019 eBay Seller Release.

Insertion fees and feature fees will not be applied again when you relist your item using the eBay Easy Relisting feature. Final value fees and other fees will still apply after a successful sale.

You can use the eBay Easy Relisting feature when you accept and complete a return or cancellation for single quantity listings. This will naturally be more applicable to auction sellers, although if you did have a single quantity fixed price listing it will still apply.

Sellers with a shop and large quantity of free listings might not worry too much about this feature. You will also want to take care if you use an inventory management program that the return doesn’t automatically trigger a new listings in addition to using eBay Easy Relistings triggering a duplicate listing that could also lead to overselling.

For cancellations

  • When the buyer asked the seller to
  • When the seller cancels the sale for “Buyer requested cancel” or “Problem with buyer’s address” reasons.

For returns

  • ​When the buyer gives a “Buyer changed their mind” reason and we know the item was returned and a full refund offered.

The item will be listed on eBay exactly as it was before the sale. You can also continue to select Easy Relisting with APIs tools, but it is no longer the default setting.

  • Sandra
    1 month ago

    Ebay users are being hacked all over the place to sell sun loungers – ebay are doing nothing to remove these scammers – all affected users have buying accounts whith 20-3000 purchases – all sunloungers are going up on these accounts and sales are through the roof with lockdown and good weather

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