eBay Coronavirus protection for sellers reminder

By Chris Dawson May 7, 2020 - 10:30 am

eBay have emailed business sellers today to remind them that the eBay Coronavirus protection for sellers is in place and their accounts will not be downgraded if it’s not their fault. Your eBay seller Performance Standards Level will not be affected in case of delays or interruptions to postal services that are beyond your control.

For example, if you were a Top Rated Seller on February 20th and your performance over the next evaluation period would have moved you down to Above Standard, you will now automatically retain your Top Rated status. If you were Above Standard on February 20th and your performance over this period would have moved you to Below Standard, you will now automatically remain Above Standard.

The eBay Coronavirus protection for sellers is running from the 20th of March until the 19th June 2020. For your Seller Performance Standards level evaluation, eBay will automatically remove Late Delivery counts, Seller Cancellation defects, and associated Negative or Neutral feedback received for these specific transactions between the 1st of March to the 31st of May 2020.

Your item not received count (INR) in Service Metrics and associated Negative or Neutral feedback will be removed for transactions between 1st of March to the 31st of May 2020, on the condition that you uploaded valid tracking. The following conditions also apply:

  • The item was delivered within 10 days of the estimated delivery date if both seller and buyer are in the same country.
  • The item was delivered within 30 days of the Estimated Delivery Date on international transactions.

eBay are processing Defect removals and associated Negative or Neutral feedback as quickly as possible. Please be aware that it may take up to a week for them to be removed, so there may be a short period of time when this information appears in your account before being removed.

It’s also worth noting that if eBay observe activity on your account that needs to be verified, they still may have to temporarily restrict your account privileges while they work on your case.

eBay worked fast as soon as it became apparent that the conornavirus was going to hit the UK, and these pledges to protect your seller standing were the first steps they announced on the 20th of March to support sellers, a full three days before the Prime Minister ordered the lock down of the UK which has been in place ever since.

  • Mark
    4 weeks ago

    I think Ebay are going to have extend the INR service metrics 3 month limit because any received in the current climate (and I presume most sellers are getting more than usual) are going to become relevant and still be on your account come June.

    • 4 weeks ago

      Totally agree Mark… there is no way that this current situation is going to be anywhere near resolved in the next 4 weeks AND postal services cleared the backlogs and be back to normal.
      But, I don’t trust ebay at all – because there is a 10% financial incentive for them to not extend and therefore remove TRS status.

      And when are they going to change the wording they use?

      Grinds my gears that we are measured on “if a buyer tells us that you posted on time”
      How the hell do they know if I dispatched on time or not? Just by when its delivered!! Two utterly different things as this situation has explicitly highlighted.

      Oh and measuring the % of “lates” against the number of feedback received instead of number of transactions is just backwards! If you did that in an exam at school you would get an F!!

    • alan paterson
      4 weeks ago

      @ Matt, some of my clients have had defects or feedback removed when the buyer confirmed the POSTMARK on the package / envelope. Off course not every package will have been sent using the postmark system but that is likely what they are referring to. The postmark should confirm when the item was posted – like an acceptance scan but getting the buyer to confirm that information (even if it IS there) is another thing.

  • Robert
    3 weeks ago

    What they are doing is really helpful for most sellers, but I’m a bit disappointed with their support to be fair. Royal Mails operation has been a disaster as well. While everyone is aware of this eBay still posting their estimate delivery times maybe with one day added to the normal delivery time. Of course buyers will message when they not receive the first-class after 2 days.
    We are seeing up to 7 days delivery time on 1st class and up to 14 days on 2nd class. Buyers are not patient regardless of the situation, and they expect post to be normal – as they say ‘I’m getting my mail every day as normal so not sure why are you using this as an excuse’ (COVID-19)

    Now on numerous occasions eBay failed to protect our feedback score, just to name a few why we got negatives:
    – item posted on time never arrived per tracking (what can I do even if I prove this was posted with delivery confirmation)

    – buyer supplied incorrect address – we take the hit because we should be reshipping the item even if it doesn’t come back to us

    – item delayed but received , late

    For all the above we are receiving negative feedbacks and our 99.9% gone down to 99.6%

    Honestly business has been great – compared to normal times this time of the year, but the support they are offering is really the bare minimum.

  • Jonah
    3 weeks ago

    @Robert you completely hit the nail on the head. EBay are slow and fail to protect their customers (otherwise known as sellers). Nothing new in this, and after all the more sellers they can force into the below standard category then the more money ebay earn. Their business plan is both socially and morally corrupt.

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