Amazon labeled as most favourable food retailer during COVID-19

By Lauren Fruncillo May 29, 2020 - 7:00 am

Amazon have announced that Magid have named them the food retailer with the most favourable response to the COVID-19 crisis. Soon after news of Amazon Pantry being discontinued in the UK, US Respondents claim how happy they are with the food services being offering to them by Amazon during the Coronavirus pandemic. Amazon claims that this is all thanks to their customer pleasing staff and the adaptations they have made to keep both staff and customers safe during COVID-19.

Amazon finds importance in helping people through the effects of COVID-19 and are expected to invest around $4 billion from April to June on COVID-related initiatives including more than $800 million on safety measures, such as PPE for their employees and customers, enhanced cleaning, effective social distancing, and more. Amazon state that they’ve also implemented better health and safety measures in their grocery stores which include plexiglass barriers at checkout counters, restricting the number of customers and employees allowed in the store at one time, limiting store hours to allow for more time to sanitize and restock shelves, and more.

Slowly grocery pickup from Whole Foods Market stores is increasing and this service is currently available in 150 stores, online access to SNAP (food assistance benefits) has been expanded to more than 20 states and Amazon are reserving the first hour of grocery pickup and in-store shopping at Whole Foods Market stores to high risk customers.

In the announcement Amazon made sure to thank all those who work for them for taking the current situation and the safety of themselves and their customers seriously and claim their staff to be the true heroes of the COVID-19 crisis. Amazon assures customers they will continue to work hard in helping them get what they need and want while keeping everyone safe.

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