Una Terra launches eco-friendly 3D fitting solution

By Lauren Fruncillo April 20, 2020 - 3:25 pm

Una Terra the brand that distributes a collection of designer clothes created for pets and their responsible owners, has launched a 3D fitting solution to support its eco-friendly mission.

Growing technology presents fantastic opportunities for sustainability within the fashion industry that could also provide promise for the future of online marketplaces too. The 3D fitting solution that Una Terra have has created allows them to cut down textile waste by providing stores with the most accurate data on the best-selling sizes and minimizing the unsold stock.

It’s quite possible that Online Marketplaces will also utilize consumer data in similar ways. Virtual fitting room AI such as that developed by Sizebay are already being used by some companies to aid sustainability which reduces return rates and packaging consumption. The consumer data whether that be from filling out online drop-down forms or taking part in 3D fitting solutions could provide useful insights to reduce production in areas where less clothing is in demand.

Unlike other eco-friendly fashion brands, Una Terra utilizes 4 approaches to sustainability:

  • 3D fitting using 3DLOOK mobile body scanning technology;
  • virtualization of clothing with Clo3D technology that minimizes using real fabrics for designing samples;
  • innovative eco-friendly RPET (recycled) fabrics;
    a unique coloring method that allows to reduce the water consumption by 75% and reduce the chemical consumption by 90%.

“Sustainability goes far beyond using recycled textile. The amount of harm produced by the fashion industry can not be overestimated and repurposing fabrics is simply not enough to make a difference. We’re constantly looking for new ways to produce clothes without harm and starting now, we are utilizing the power of digital for this purpose”
– Lidiya Sobolenko, Founder of Una Terra.

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