Royal Mail International Update – Country suspensions

By Chris Dawson April 3, 2020 - 8:30 am

In the latest Royal Mail International Update, they say that they are working every day with their airline and in country partners across the globe to maintain services. The rapidly changing nature of the impact of Coronavirus means access to countries is changing and the global picture can vary day to day.

It’s important to say that most major export routes remain open and Royal Mail is continuing to accept, process and transport mail out of the UK for delivery across the globe. However, there is a lack of available air transport to a growing number of countries as authorities restrict the movement of people across borders. In some cases, there is also a suspension of in country postal operations. Where this is the case, Royal Mail are strongly advising our customers against sending items to these destinations, for the time being.

As a result Royal Mail are suspending services to 43 countries (listed below). The suspensions cover all the services to these individual countries. These suspensions will remain in place until further notice or until such time as they are able to move mail into the affected countries for onward delivery.

What this means for you is that if you ship to these countries it’s probably worth adjusting your marketplace and website settings to block buyers until Royal Mail services resume. Alternatively, make sure your shipping rate table takes into account you’ll be using a courier service rather than mail services for the foreseeable future.

Royal Mail International Update – Country suspensions

Albania India South Korea
Armenia Jamaica Sri Lanka
Bermuda Kuwait St Kitts and Nevis
Barbados Lebanon St Lucia
Bosnia Macedonia St Vincent and the Grenadines
Caribbean Islands (BVI) Mauritania Taiwan
Caribbean Islands – Dominican Republic Moldova Tanzania (DAR)
Caribbean Islands –Haiti Montenegro Tunisia
Cayman Islands Nepal Turks & Caicos
Cuba New Zealand Ukraine
Djibouti Peru United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Ecuador Philippines Venezuela
French Polynesia Russia Zimbabwe
Grenada Samoa
Guyana South Africa
  • Kevin
    1 year ago

    I have a friend living in the UK but he cannot send a parcel to me. I’m living in India and I know of the current situation. But would you kindly inform me when it’s up and running again? Would be realy helpful. Also if you could tell me how many days it’ll be shut down? Like approx

    • The courier
      1 year ago

      I had a chat with the virus and it says 2pm next Tuesday although at a push it could probably make 1pm , if thats ok with you.

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