Royal Mail delivering national coronavirus mailing to UK

By Chris Dawson April 3, 2020 - 5:47 pm

Royal Mail have announced that they are supporting UK Government’s public information campaign, delivering a national coronavirus mailing to around 30 million households across the UK via its Door to Door service.

Dropping on the nation’s door mats over the next week, the coronavirus mailing includes a letter from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, alongside a leaflet outlining Government’s advice; with an explanation of symptoms, hand hygiene guidance, rules on leaving the house, how to self-isolate with symptoms, and shielding for the most vulnerable. The leaflet will also signpost online resources that can provide further guidance.

Last week, postmen and women also delivered another coronavirus mailing of 900,000 letters to those at very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus. The vital mailing provided guidance on ‘shielding’, a measure to protect the clinically extremely vulnerable by minimising all interaction between themselves and others.

Stay home. Stay connected

To support Government’s message on the importance of social distancing, Royal Mail has deployed a new postmark across the UK from Monday 30 March 2020. The postmark leads with the message ‘Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives’. The postmark is applied to all stamped mail sent in the UK. Further Government messaging is being incorporated across Royal Mail’s digital and social channels.

“As the Universal Service provider, we are playing an important role in helping people, businesses and communities stay connected during this unprecedented crisis. We are playing our part in delivering important mailings from Government, which will help every UK household manage the impact of coronavirus.
Our postmen and women will also be supporting the fight against coronavirus by helping with the logistics for the delivery and return of coronavirus tests for frontline NHS staff. They are delivering letters and parcels for customers across the UK including prescriptions and hospital appointments – a lifeline for those who are not able to leave their homes. Their dedication is hugely appreciated by households, businesses and communities everywhere in these difficult circumstances.
Royal Mail takes the health and safety of its colleagues, customers and the communities in which we operate very seriously. We have introduced a range of new social distancing measures to avoid contact during delivery. Where an item won’t fit through a customer’s letterbox, the postman or woman will place the item at the customer’s door, knock, and step aside to a safe distance while they retrieve their item. We are also temporarily not handing over hand-held devices to customers to capture signatures. Standard ways of working have been revised to ensure that, wherever possible, colleagues stay two metres apart. We have implemented a new rule that means there will only be one person in a Royal Mail delivery vehicle at any one time.”

– Rico Back, CEO Royal Mail Group

  • NorthCrystal
    2 months ago

    How much does this ‘campaign’ cost in total?

    Asking for a friend who is going without PPE….

    • jim
      2 months ago

      obviously an act of desperation
      trying to hammer home the stay at home message
      that smart arses think their being clever ignoring or inventing excuses to award their self exemption whilst in reality making it worse for everyone

    • Ratso
      2 months ago

      Perhaps ask instead how many lives might the advice save?

    • james
      2 months ago

      I don’t think you can convert envelopes into effective PPE, so wouldn’t help your friend in any case.

      i genuinely don’t know the overall cost, but the overall cost for things like this is meaningless. it should be looked at on a per-person basis.
      so, what does it cost to send one household one letter, with a HUGE bulk discount?
      literally pennies.

  • Paul
    2 months ago

    Lets hope all of those customers still awaiting their undelivered 24/48 large letters from over a week ago due to RM staff shortages manage to receive this letter.

    Otherwise it’ll miss a fair percentage of the population.

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