Hermes supports flourishing small businesses

By Lauren Fruncillo April 22, 2020 - 4:58 pm

Hermes have announced that they are supporting SMEs across a range of sectors as their sales skyrocket due to a rise in consumers looking for online alternatives during the lockdown. The company has said they are delivering around 700,000 parcels a week on behalf of its Business Account customers (SMEs) – an uplift of 100% on this time last year.

“Many of our SME clients have been able to respond quickly to the changing needs of consumers who are looking for alternative sources of products as a result of shop closures and travel restrictions. Our account managers have worked closely with them to understand how we can best support them during these challenging times whilst ensure that the safety of our people and our customers remains a top priority.”
– Jon Oldroyd, Head of Business Accounts at Hermes UK

Efficient logistics are so vital during a time when businesses are feeling uncertain and vulnerable to the harsh effects of the virus. Now more than ever courier companies are seeing a rise in demands for their services and it’s important that these demands are met with great service to help keep businesses afloat. Hermes are ensuring they continue to deliver through these demands by adapting a number of its services in line with government guidelines. This includes providing increased contact-free collections and doubling the number of lockers available for its customers to use.

“We are proud to play our part in helping to manufacture and sell essential items to our customers in these challenging times, including hand sanitiser and wipes. We have seen our online orders rocket from 300 a week to more than 500 a day, the majority of which are sent through Hermes. Our staff have been amazing in coping with the extra demand and adhering to guidelines.

“These past few weeks have been difficult but also a game-changer for online businesses like ours. It has meant we’ve been able to get items safely to customers who are self-isolating. We’re grateful we have been able to cope with this increase in demand with Hermes’ support.”
Janis Liepa, of Wigan-based Assured Products

  • Freddy
    1 year ago

    No mention of Hermes upping there prices this morning then – just a positive spin story

  • 1 year ago

    Prices up, packaging split open, contents destroyed and an unacceptable loss rate. Hermes have a long way to go before I try them again.

  • BFT
    1 year ago

    I find Hermes to be great value and much more reliable than Royal Mail. However, where they crash is Customer Services – who seem to deliberately misunderstand any question involving any work – they just reply with scripted trash. Their other ridiculous habit is to invoice you for over weight parcels – their defence is always that their scales and equipment are calibrated and certified. It is a shame that same cannot be said for their malcontent staff using that equipment. They once claimed that a pair of cufflinks, weighing 183g here, had swollen to nearly 5000g by the time it reached them!

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