eBay temporary returns extensions Money Back Guarantee policy

By Chris Dawson April 3, 2020 - 10:46 am

To help support buyers and sellers with items returned during the Coronavirus pandemic, new eBay temporary returns extensions and eBay Money Back Guarantee policy extensions have been announced.

For buyers- eBay temporary returns extensions

As buyers may be ill or self isolating due to a family member showing Coronavirus symptoms, new eBay temporary returns extensions offer buyers up to 21 business days to post a return back to you, from the moment you accept a return and they receive a returns postage label. This means that even if they enter quarantine the day they receive the returns postage label the 21 day eBay temporary return extensions still give them time to post the item back.

Many sellers will be hoping that if a buyer is self isolating, remembering to return an item a fortnight later will be low on their list of priorities and they’re probably right – a longer returns window hasn’t traditionally significantly increased the number of products actually returned so this is more about buyer confidence than an expectation of tardy returns.

For Sellers – Money Back Guarantee policy extensions

As a seller new eBay Money Back Guarantee policy extensions give you 5 business days to issue a refund, from the date that the tracking confirms the item has been delivered back to you. This gives you a little more flexibility if you have staff working alternate days to process returns although we’d still recommend you keep on top of them and refund in a timely manner where possible.

“We’re adapting to new ways of working in order to do what is right for the health and safety of our eBay users. With ongoing quarantines and social distancing measures, our buyers are facing challenges in returning items within previously allotted windows; and our sellers are facing challenges in processing refunds within previously allotted windows.

These extensions to our returns policy aim to allow buyers time to contact a carrier to pick up the item or ask for outside help to get the item to the post and aim to allow sellers extra time to arrange pick up of the returned item and to inspect the item and issue a refund.”
– eBay

  • robin
    2 months ago

    So buyers have extra time for return – but sellers doesn’t have extra time to process refunds ?!?!

    Buyers can self isolate / be sick – but sellers can’t ?!?!

    Typical eBay …

    • james
      2 months ago

      if you’re sick enough that your business is closed, the parcel won’t be received, so you have 5 days from never to issue a refund.

      if you work from home, and the parcel gets delivered to your door, you can be sick and still issue a refund.

      this returns window doesn’t really affect sellers, buyers can’t get out to go to the post office / parcel store, so they do need the extra time.

      – That said, ebay has never honoured it’s own sellers return timescales. numerous times i’ve had ebay issue refunds and damage my DSR’s within hours of an item being signed for.

  • Jaffa
    2 months ago

    Absolute shambles you can always rely on eBay to come up with something stupid like this.

  • NorthCrystal
    2 months ago

    Hey eBay. What about buyers opening return cases and never returning the items?! This means our money are frozen for 21 days. Thanks a lot! As a small business cash flow is essential especially during this pandemic situation.

    • NorthCrystal
      2 months ago

      Not to mention that it’s the sellers always need to chase up eBay for own money when buyer doesn’t return. Why cannot this be automated??

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