2020 Hermes price increase comes into effect 2nd May

By Chris Dawson April 23, 2020 - 10:40 am

Hermes have announced that the annual 2020 Hermes price increase which was due to be implemented on Saturday the 28th of March will now come into effect.

The increase was deferred until Saturday the 2nd of May to support their consumer senders, micro-businesses and market-place sellers (subject to review). Since then, Hermes costs have increased as they ensure the safe delivery of exceptionally high parcel volumes, which they say means that thay are unable to delay the 2020 Hermes price increase increase any longer. The planned 2020 Hermes price increase, an average of 3% across ParcelShop and Courier services, will come into effect from midnight on Saturday 2nd May.

Costs Hermes have incurred to keep their couriers safe

At the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, Hermes immediately made a £1 million pound fund available for their self-employed couriers, to help support them if they need to self-isolate. Hermes are also supporting them in finding someone to deliver on their behalf if they do not have a substitute and guarantee that their rounds will be kept open for them for when they return.

Hermes are communicating with all their parcel people regularly to update them of government guidelines, best practice handwashing and high standards of hygiene. A dedicated mailbox for specific questions from their people has also been set up. Hermes have also provided all sites with additional hand washing equipment and sanitisers and are following government guidelines in relation to sick pay and self-isolation.

In line with government guidance, Hermes are limiting contact between customers and couriers for deliveries and collections. If you’ve arranged a courier collection, please specify a safe place for collection, and leave your parcel in the designated safe place for your courier to collect. If you don’t specify a safe place, or a safe place isn’t available, the courier will knock on your door, and step back 2 steps to allow you to place the parcel on your doorstep. After you’ve done so, please step back 2 steps or close the door to ensure a contact-free collection.

2020 Hermes price increase


ParcelShop Drop Off
(Inc. VAT)

Courier Collection
(Inc. VAT)





Postable (under 1kg) £2.26 £2.45 N/A N/A
0 – 1kg £2.85 £2.90 £3.45 £3.62
1 – 2kg £4.05 £4.20 £4.65 £4.92
2 – 5kg £5.99 £5.99 £6.59 £6.71
5 – 10kg £6.99 £6.99 £7.59 £7.72
10 – 15kg £8.98 £9.20 £9.58 £9.92
  • Mark
    2 years ago

    what a pathetic excuse to hike prices.

    fuel prices are through the floor parcel numbers are through the roof yet they say their overheads have risen.

  • 2 years ago

    they were waiting for the fall in the oil price.
    poor things!

  • Linda Evans
    2 years ago

    I have been using the small parcel 1-2kg and the cost is £2.85 which includes the VAT not £4.05 so I’m not sure where you get your prices from, the new price as of 2nd May has massively increased to £4.20 an increase of £1.35.

  • Sal
    1 year ago

    Iv used them for several years now and all of a sudden the hike on Prices is RIDICULOUS!! £4.20!!!! For 1-2 kg!! No thanks will not ever use this service again…

  • Wendy Singleton
    1 year ago

    Well I was using Hermes for all of my EBay parcels because it was more convenient and cheaper than the post office. It looks like they are now pricing themselves out just when they have the regular customer base who’s are still supporting them through the virus ! Next has a regular contract with them now and as others have said their custom is through the roof and the price of fuel is loŵ……Pure Greed !!

    • a
      1 year ago

      I agree I have always used royal mail and was just considering using Hermes in the future even when thing get back to the new normal. however a poor excuse to put prices up at the moment I wonder if the drivers will get the extra 12p for the collection service, I doubt it. once you have used a sheet of a4 paper and ink then paid for collection you may as well go to the post office. especially when you go over 1kg no comparison royal mail is then far cheaper £3.00 for up to 2kg at royal mail. I think they could have had lots of new custom but will miss out now.

    1 year ago


  • 1 year ago

    A disgusting time to increase prices especially when at the same time you told your drivers they were making too much money on collections due to their being so many more parcels at the moment. They used to get paid PER PARCEL they collect now that is capped at 15 regardless how many they collect. Very poor show Hermes and you certainly missed the memo about the pandemic and ‘we’re all in this together’. Off to Royal Mail….good luck keeping customers when this is all over – we have good memories!

  • Dave
    1 year ago

    Wonder if parcel2g will revise their Hermes prices accordingly?

  • sean rogers
    1 year ago

    Was happy to support Hermes, this price hike however will be their undoing.


  • Steve Wood
    1 year ago

    I agree it’s a disgusting rip off. I went to use the 1-2 kilo service today but found it had increased by £1.35……..pure thievery. I will not now use Hermes again, the post office is were I shall go back to. If anyone from Hermes reads this, what were you thinking…can you really afford to lose all this money or are you that arrogant you think people will just stay with you because that’s what they have always done. I think not.

  • Frances
    1 year ago

    I am a Hermes courier who has yet to receive any promised protection apart from a pair of gloves last week. I have just found out that they have decided to reduce the rate I get paid per parcel because we are so busy. So prices go up for customer and pay rates go down for couriers. I have been collecting quite a few parcels as well recently and don’t know anything about the cap of 15 collections a day, I will double check that.

    • Alan Paterson
      1 year ago

      @ Frances, can you not simply buy your own? there is now quite a lot of PPE on ebay that should keep you protected.

  • Alan Paterson
    1 year ago

    I used Hermes for years and it was not without its problems. However, if memory serves there is ALWAYS a price increase at this time of year.

    Also – some folk might be over-reacting above. If you already had a discounted business price the increase should be proportional. When you examine the table the price increase is not a huge percentage and no different from any other years.

    My issue with Hermes was the incorrect scanning of parcels and parcels being left in insecure places (like bins) and then not paying out on the claim.

  • kentpaul
    1 year ago

    What do you guys think of Yodel and DPD?

    • 1 year ago

      Not used Yodel for years, because they weren’t great if things went wrong and they used to dump customers in favour of Amazon when it got too busy at Xmas.

      DPD rarely cock things up. The tracking is pretty decent. Things still go wrong now and then, but they seem better at sorting them out.

    • Alan Paterson
      1 year ago

      I have only used Yodel as a receiving customer. they were absolutely atrocious. I began to avoid sellers on ebay who advertised Yodel. they were so bad.

      DPD were a different class. But you pay for that. The tracking was good although a lot of the deliveries were arriving very late in the afternoon which was not always ideal. I was paying about £5 (no doubt prices have risen since then) for a package the size of a shoe box 1.5kg in weight with DPD and rarely had any issues.

      It depends what you are looking for, what you are selling and whether you can afford the extra money to get the service with DPD. Cashflow is also a factor – from my experience DPD usually want to give you a credit account.

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