xSellco eDesk is FREE from now until September

By Chris Dawson March 30, 2020 - 5:37 pm

xSellco is making eDesk completely free for new customers for the next six months in order to help high street retailers move online in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

eDesk enables you to manage orders and customer support queries from your webstore, social media channels, email account, and online marketplaces from one location and is designed for remote working. The offer is intended to offer real support for retailers accustomed to working from head office with the majority of sales taking place in-store who are now pivoting to a 100% ecommerce solution.

eDesk’s cloud-based helpdesk solution for ecommerce that integrates individual online stores, email platforms, social media channels and all major marketplaces into one AI-powered platform. Supporting more than 30 marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Allegro, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento, eDesk has proven to be an essential tool to help ecommerce retailers cope with a surge in customer support demands that normally might have been handled instore. However, with shops shut for the foreseeable future, the many consumers sat at home are starting to shop online and the need to seamlessly handle large numbers of customer queries remotely is greater than ever.

The six-month offer will be available to all new customers from now until the end of September, not even a credit card required for future billing, absolutely no commitments and no obligation for new customers to continue using eDesk once the offer ended. You can sign up at for a free eDesk account at

Set up is fast and easy, and because it’s cloud-based, eDesk is ideal for secure, remote working teams. xSellco has also rolled out an extensive package of support for existing customers, including additional free licences, extra tutorials, webinars, extended access and premium upgrades.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting everyone. The mass closure of high street retail stores means that eCommerce is now a lifeline for businesses both big and small. There are many businesses that have never sold online before and others that are adjusting to being online-only. We know it’s a difficult time. We know you’re trying to take care of your customers and your teams. We asked ourselves, what could we do to help others?

So, from now until September we’re lifting all charges for new eDesk customers, with no strings. We hope that this initiative will help those in our community who are having to rely on online channels to tackle the unprecedented challenges of 2020.”
– Alex Payne, CEO, xSellco eDesk

  • Karl
    4 months ago

    Great to see new customers get free stuff but those who have been using the platform for many years get extra “support” which have no value to me.

    • 4 months ago

      Hi Karl,

      Conor here from xSellco. We have lots of ways of supporting our existing customers and we are trying to be as flexible as we can. Could you give me your contact details so we can come up with a solution that suits you needs.

      Kind regards,


    • Saf
      4 months ago

      Completely agree, they should be offering existing customers help first, rather than getting new customers on board which takes more resources to set up in the hope they become future customers.

    • Alan
      4 months ago

      Hi Conor,

      Can you let me know the additional for existing customers too?


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