Wuhan Doctors celebrate closure of last Coronavirus hospital in China

By Lauren Fruncillo March 19, 2020 - 8:30 am

As Wuhan doctors celebrate the closure of their last temporary coronavirus hospital the UK start putting in place more measures to relieve some of the pressures caused by the Virus. Sainsbury’s and Asda have began limiting the sales of all food items, and many other superstores are working hard to stop hoarding and panic buying.

Victory for Wuhan

The good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel as seen recently in Wuhan, the original epicentre of the virus. Doctors have celebrated the closure of their last Coronavirus hospital by ceremoniously removing their facemarks.

It is believed that the strict measures put into place by China helped reduce the number of new cases. According to The Independent, Health chiefs confirmed 13 new deaths and only 11 new cases on Saturday and 65,000 people out of the 80,824 recorded cases have recovered from the virus in China.

Superstore restrictions

If you’ve been anywhere near a superstore in the last couple of days you may have seen the trail of destruction left by supply hoarders who I can only imagine are planning to spend the next month or so underground in a vault. Last night I among many others missed the memo and ended up at Tesco to find the store was closed. I spoke to a lovely lady in her 70’s upset that she wasted a journey, shocked at how differently people are acting now, compared to the act of coming together and helping each other she remembered after the war.

Stores are now putting into place extra measures to stop panic buying and give those who need to go into self-isolation a better chance at getting the things they need. At the moment there is a clear strain on logistics all over the country, shelves are empty and superstore delivery slots are almost non-existent. Even if store restrictions push more people towards shopping through online marketplaces, a lack of preparation has had a harsh impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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