London Dynamics AR solution launched at Retail Without Borders

By Chris Dawson March 2, 2020 - 3:00 pm

Michael Valdsgaard, former head of digital transformation at IKEA, has used his keynote speech at Retail Without Borders to launch his latest venture: a high-tech immersive commerce solution provider, London Dynamics.

London Dynamics has developed a next-generation augmented reality (AR) platform which enables retail brands to revolutionise the way customers interact and explore their products digitally to increase sales, strengthen brand loyalty and reduce the rate of returns. Valdsgaard is applying over two and a half decades of insight from the forefront of retail technology and customer experience innovation to bring a solid, futuristic and frictionless AR solution to retail businesses.

“We are bringing online shopping back into the physical world by enabling that long awaited augmented reality revolution.
Lasting change isn’t coming for retail, it’s already here, and AR has similarly arrived to offer a new and powerful way to respond to changing customer demographics and demands.
With London Dynamics, I want retailers and brands to have an accessible, ‘plug and play’ solution for AR; allowing their customers to make better purchase decisions and convert sales by adding a physical experience to online shopping. Without a shadow of a doubt, AR has the potential to entirely overturn the way we look for, buy, and sell things online”

– Michael Valdsgaard in a keynote presentation at Retail Without Borders

In addition to a range of AR integrations for products from wearables to furniture to customisable luxury items, London Dynamics is also showcasing the cutting-edge skillsets required for the development of lightweight, browser-based, app-free solutions. These are capable of rendering true-to-life 3D models, textures and lighting, all on a platform that can scale to the demands of global retailers. Most importantly, London Dynamics is developing solutions which are platform agnostic so immediately available to anyone.

If you want to see how amazing the solution is, open this page on your mobile and click the icon in the bottom right of the AR view below (if you’re on desktop you’ll get a QR code for your mobile) and then you can view the chair in your own space. You can even walk around it to see it from all angles!


All sounds great and sounds very expensive, but Michael has the experience of similar projects from his time at IKEA to make this work and after his keynote he explained to Tamebay that he wants London Dynamic’s technology to be accessible. For that reason their services are payment on results, you’ll only be billed based on views of your products and they are so confident that you’ll see an uplift in sales they reckon you’ll want to carry on using augmented reality to engage consumers. They’ll do all the work whether it be for one product or every line that you sell and simply give you the code to add to your website.

Naturally you’ll need a website that attracts traffic to start with, it’s hard to increase sales if you aren’t already selling and this isn’t a panacea for attracting traffic but a tool for conversion. If you already have a viable online ecommerce business Michael reckons that giving consumers a real life view of your products so that they can fully visualise them in their home or office and how they’ll fit in with their surroundings that your sales will accelerate.

If you’d like to find out more, visit the London Dynamics website.

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