eBay customer service agents now working from home

By Chris Dawson March 23, 2020 - 11:53 am

eBay have completed the massive task of turning thousands of eBay customer service agents into home workers in the US. This is a process being carried out by eBay across the world and, if it’s not already completed, in Europe eBay customer service agents will also be working from home.

At the same time eBay are facing a massive increased in calls and so they are having to make changes into how they handle contact with sellers. Don’t expect to get telephone support the instance you pick up the phone – it’s time to get used to slower responses via email for the foreseeable future.

We would suggest that unless your need is critical that you do your best to self-serve rather than adding to the support queue. Don’t forget that eBay have already frozen your seller status so that it can’t drop for at least the next three months – this means firing off a support request every time you get a negative feedback or low Detailed Seller Rating isn’t the best use of your time or eBay’s. Your ranking will not be lowered and if needed you can appeal the whole lot in one go in three month’s time.

The less you use eBay support for what in the past would have been vital issues in your eyes but in the grand scheme of things are now trivial, the less the burden on support staff so that they can assist sellers who are desperate to have their fees delayed by 30 days and take advantage of any other measure eBay introduce, to enable their businesses to survive.

If can you avoid contacting eBay customer service agents they’d for sure appreciate it, in the mean time here’s their advice on other ways to get support:

“The transition for our customer service agents to work from home is complete and they are ready to answer your questions.  Given these unprecedented times, we are all adapting how we’re working, to ensure we support your needs.

To ensure you get help when you need it the most, we have built a number of different resources available 24/7:

eBay Seller Help, where you can quickly and easily manage returns, refunds, and other selling issues.

eBay Self Help, where you can search across help topics and find answers to sellers’ most common questions.

eBay Seller Center, which gives sellers tips and advice for growing their business.

eBay Community, which has over 8 million members offering real-time advice and connection across thousands of discussion threads, forums, and groups.

Customer Service Contact Form:  For other enquiries, please contact us through the ‘Email us’ link towards the bottom of this page, and we’ll reply within 24 hours.”

Stay safe, and thank you for selling on eBay.

  • Jim
    5 months ago

    eBay Seller Center, which gives sellers tips and advice for growing their business

    Ok then were waiting with baited breath🥺

  • Logan
    5 months ago

    Hi, I purchased items as follows:

    1. On 20 Feb from Opo 10 Sarl for R 283.15

    2. On 21 Feb from Littlewheel got R 270.49

    3. On 22 Feb from Gustera for R 262.23

    4. On 26 Feb from Grahamsmini for R1621.15

    5. On 27 Feb also from Transmission for R1357.47

    Please investigate, I’m worried, will these be delivered.

    Logan Govender
    South Africa

    • 5 months ago

      You’d have to check that yourself on ebay, not ask random strangers via a forum to do it for you, which they can’t do anyway.

  • Logan
    5 months ago

    Please check

    • Alan Paterson
      5 months ago

      Logan – this is a forum for ebay sellers. You are not communicating with ebay. We cannot check as we are not ebay. You will need to contact the sellers direct or ebay themselves. I hope you understand.

  • 5 months ago

    How can some of us experienced sellers apply for these tech support positions?

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